I’m going to die alone

….and I feel fine. No, I haven’t seen Jen Kirkman‘s comedy special with that title yet but I will. Love the title. I don’t usually like comedy acts because I don’t think it is cool to make fun of people but I will give her a chance. Some acts don’t stoop low and I’m hoping she is one of those witty comedians. I used to love watching stand up comedy when I was very young until I became the butt of people’s jokes daily. Not fun. :/


YAY! I just found out today (yesterday by the time I post this) that I am off Friday for the 4th of July!!!!!! woohoo. I had NO IDEA. YES! Surprised days off are the best days ever. ūüôā I would have woke up early and went straight to work. ¬†I saw other people treating Thursday like a Friday so I decided to check it out.¬†I’m did my errands today so I can stay in on Saturday and Sunday. My kind of weekend.

I have decided to do Nutrisystem through the end of August and that will be it. I’m 100% sure. They gave me a great deal on frozen foods so I added one more month. Before that I was getting their regular food (aka ready to go foods). I’ve heard their frozen foods are delicious. I have to try that before saying goodbye. I can’t wait until I get my new food in August. I’m selling a box of NS food on eBay to pay for my current food. lol. NS food sells well on there.

starting weight pre-NS: 142 lbs in mid May

current weight: 131.4 lbs

Hopefully I can get down to at least 125 (!!!!) before the end of August. I would be shocked if that were to happen. I probably need to exercise A LOT more.

I have also decided that I must fucking hustle during my week off. I’m going to get rid of as much stuff as I can….without throwing things away. I will sell things on eBay and donate, donate, donate. I have about a week to get everything organized.

I will also clean up. I hate cleaning. It’s like I don’t know how to organize. It just seems to come easy to some people. Not me. I guess I am sort of doing my July goals right here. I’ll switch to my regular bullet form.

July Goals

  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. I’ve been slacking. Sometimes I only drink two glasses a day. That is more than I used to drink but still not enough. Yesterday I drank 4 glasses. Improving.
  • Have a major cleaning day. I don’t mean clean the bathroom but more like organizing things. I’m going to do this during my week off. I will pick a day when I don’t have anyplace to go.
  • Get rid of inventory. This can’t happen soon enough. Make a plan for everything to go somewhere. Anywhere.
  • Do at least 50 practicum cases this month. I’ve done 220 since January. Obviously I have not been doing 50 a month. I have 440 more cases to go. I have to get this done before January 1.
  • Cut back on estate sales. I would say to stop looking for them but I am interested in clothes ONLY. I have been pretty good about this. I have cut back. I did get stuck with the whole Alias series for $16 which I will sell on eBay for $40. I have never watched an episode of Alias. Is it any good? It doesn’t matter. I’m selling it in a week so I don’t have time to watch it. ¬†Clothes only from here on out (which are rare to find at estate sales so it will be very easy not to get involved…) Eventually I will be looking for a sofa. My sofa is in bad shape. I can get a nice sofa at an estate sale for $10 or less but I have to pay for it to be delivered. blah. So I’m not involved in any estate sells now and I don’t have any plans for the future. That feels freeing.
  • Get down to 130 lbs. Go to the gym. Walk more. Do whatever. I hope I don’t have to have another cheat day. I just feel like since I’m on Nutrisystem, I should try to lose weight. What a concept.

I think that’s enough since a lot of those things are time consuming. ¬†I was going to do the whole explore my city like a tourist for a day on my week off from work but ugh, I have too much to do so that won’t be happening. I might go to a place or two but I doubt I do anything major. I do hope to walk a different route around the neighborhood with my dog (hard to do since we don’t have a sidewalk and my dog likes to run up to moving cars).

I will have some concrete money goals coming up soon.

This week I…

Music of the week: Lissie, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Kina Grannis, Kacey Musgraves, Nina Simone, Madonna

Watched: Veep, Big Brother, James Holmes trial

Veep’s season 4 is so much better than season 3. I grew up a Gary but now I just want to be Amy. Amy is the real me. Most people probably see me as a waaaay less capable Amy. LOL. No time for social shit. Just get the job done.

Movies of the week: I watched Divergent¬†again, not because it was great but because this time I really paid attention. I’m less interested in reading the series now but I still might. I have so many books on my to be read list that I doubt I get to it. . I also watched Moulin Rouge! for the 10th (or so) time. Love that move. Obvs.

I’ve been watching documentaries like crazy. I saw¬†Little White Lie¬†which I ¬†mentioned in my last post and The (Dead Mother’s) Club which is what you think it is about. It was interesting like most docs but not riveting. I saw What Happened, Miss Simone. I’m a big Nina Simone fan. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It didn’t answer all my questions at the end. I had no idea she was so tormented. ¬†And she tormented others. Sad. I also didn’t know her music was so important to the civil rights movement. I thought since so many people were making political music back then (compared to now) that her songs didn’t stand out that much.

Books of the week: 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler (better than I expected so far) 53% through

Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander on page 120

Planner update:

plans of the week

plans of the week