Because of you

Before the murder of my coworker, I was so concerned about what a business thought of me. They didn’t/don’t treat me like the other customers. They are/were being snarky bitches. I was so consumed with that. I thought if they only knew that the reason I couldn’t look up was due to my social anxiety maybe they would react differently. All the while she and her family were dead. DEAD.

Now, I rarely think about it…but I have to deal with them again this week and for the first time all of this came back. I’m just going to be me. TRY to smile (very hard with my social anxiety) and just don’t sweat it. It doesn’t matter. If they want to act like 4 year olds, then let them. They are the judgmental, clueless, witches. It’s on them, not me.


I know I said ‘no more estate’ sales. ROFL. 🙂 I love when rich people have estate sales…especially if they wear my size in clothing. I’m going on Wednesday to check out this women’s clothes, shoes and purses. I’m trying not to be a label whore but it might be hard. Of course I plan on selling most of it. What I usually do is if there are 10 pairs of shoes I can wear, I pick one pair to keep for myself and sell the others. I think I’ll pass on her purses but I’m currently #1 on a Dooney & Burke purse. If no else wants it…I’ll take it.

This cannot and will not be a new hobby. This plus Nutrisystem is too expensive. Plus I might be going to Busch Gardens??! $$$$ Another reason I don’t want to go to Busch Gardens: TOO HOT. It is 93 degrees today! I like doing outdoor things in May. It may be a little warm but not this humid.

And I have to mow my lawn in this heat. Woe is me. I only have to work 4 days this week. RALLY!

That is my best pep talk. heh.


Back to cleaning off my bookshelves. First, I will try to sell the books then I’m going to donate the ones that don’t sell. I usually donate to the library but I’ll see who else wants books in pretty good condition. Unfortunately I’m just putting “new” to be read books back in the old books spot. I love books…but I prefer them on my Kindle. Less clutter that way.