Let me write my own line

My new scale says my weight is currently 139.4. Hmm, I don’t believe that. There is no way I LOST 2+ pounds in 3 weeks. Maybe the clothes I wore to the gym were heavier? It isn’t like I was wearing jeans when I weighed myself at the gym. I don’t know. I’ve been walking 30 mins a day, mowing the lawn weekly and that’s it. No major food changes. In fact, I’ve kind of been eating more since I know I’m starting Nutrisystem on Sunday. 😉 I can’t believe I’m going to be on a diet (the first 7 days are unfortunately a diet) during my vacation/birthday. Who does that? BUT I can eat as many vegetables as I want so I don’t feel like I’m completely punishing myself.

I can’t wait for the first 7 days to be over. Then I can eat boiled eggs, fruit, snacks…and even bread! I’ve been on the anti-processed food bandwagon but since I don’t really cook, I feel like this is the best start for me. I’m looking forward to eating processed food after banning it from my diet. I know that’s weird. I’m only doing it for 2 months. I hope I can afford 2 months. That’s the plan.

I’m sooooooooo not looking forward to going to North Carolina tomorrow. My dog is going to be boarded for 2 days. 😦 We have never been away that long. (I adopted him in December 2014). But since he is being boarded maybe I will have time to go to Duke or eat out somewhere.

As of right now, I have decided to NOT get a business license.  I think it will delay me getting started. The county where I live doesn’t require one so I’m just going to sell at a couple of local places. My first sale will be my first (or second – lol) free weekend in June.

Quote from one of the best books I’ve read this year:

There is nothing more desperate and unrequited than the love an unpopular girl nurtures for the cool kids. One day, the kids in the popular clique were teasing me, about what, I don’t remember. I got angrier and angrier as they taunted me, not only because they were teasing me but also because I was so painfully aware of the gaping distance between where we were and where I wanted us to be….

From Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxanne Gay. This is a great book. So many good points. It is sort of a memoir and I think that is why it “only” has 4 stars on Amazon. She sometimes goes on personal tangents that don’t seem to have anything to do with feminism.

Posting this short entry now because I don’t know how much I will be able to update. The next two weeks are very hectic.