These are the days

A week from tomorrow  my cabin/birthday vacation starts! Woohoo. 🙂 And better news, I got a small bonus from my boss for hard work. YAY. I’ve been struggling  (especially today) so I don’t feel like I’m doing good work. But if she says so. 😉 And…more great news! I finished paying off my student loans!!!1!!! 

I don’t know whether this is bad or good – 66 people have viewed my latest youtube video!! OMG. Wow. Personally I don’t think the video is great but it is okay. I’m just unboxing an item.

I’m still watching the James Holmes trial. Some people are chatting throughout the whole trial. I’m trying to figure out what kind of job these people* have that they can afford to chat ALL DAY. Wow, I could never get away with that. We are expected to work during work hours. The people in the office can’t even watch TV or anything on the internet. I’ve always been jealous of people who get paid but don’t actually work that much. I’ve heard of these jobs but I have no idea how to get one.

*The people that admit to being at work.

Back to the case: People who worked at the school James Holmes went to considered him asocial. Interesting. Holmes sounds just like I did in college. Never talked. Never initiated conversation. etc. etc. The biggest difference is that Holmes is waaaaaaaaay smarter than me.

I have to go to North Carolina on Friday to pick up items I really don’t care about from an estate sale. :/ I just got the call that to ship and pack the items from North Carolina would cost $300!!! Um, I think I can drive my ass to North Carolina. Yeah. I just didn’t want to leave my dog. I better make it back by the time day care closes at 7PM. I know I can make it without traffic…ugh, but the traffic on a Friday afternoon? This could be a mess. I’m still thinking of options. I might take him with me.

Right now I’m just hoping for a miracle. I would love to not have to go to NC only because I’m not prepared. I still want to go to Asheville, NC next year for my vacation.


Goals for May

1. No More Estate sales. I have so much to sell. Until I do my first sale, NO MORE STUFF. My first sale will probably take place in June but if the business license takes a long time to go through, I may have to delay it. Or I may just sell at a regular flea market. No license required. I really want to get rid of this stuff and make some money.

2. Lose 5 pounds. I will start Nutrisystem as soon as I get my food. I don’t have an exact weight yet. (Last weigh in was 142). I did finally order a scale. The first week of Nutrisystem is the hardest. They almost guarantee 5 pounds of weight loss during the first week but since I don’t have much to lose, I’m not counting on losing that much in ONE week!

3. Read 3 books.

4. Do 50 practicum cases.

5. Visit the place I want to sell and inquire about my business license on or about May 21.

6. Clean guinea pig cage and room.

7. Watch 1 movie. This doesn’t include Psycho which I have seen about 10 times. (my favorite movie of all time). I finally brought it from Amazon and I have it on my Kindle. I’m definitely watching that during my trip. I’m also re-watching Season one of Grey’s Anatomy which is still in the shrink wrap. Yes, I have my “watching” planned out because there is no TV at the cabin. I’m sure I’m not going to want to be one with nature 100% of the time. I’m loading my kindle up with books also. I may take a paperback with me too. *gasp*

8. Do Listers Gotta List. I’m doing it for May but not sure about if I will do it in June. I’m over instagram and I thought doing it in a midori traverlers notebook would be more exciting because I have more room. But nah, I don’t know how to fill the space. It isn’t fun anymore. It’s not fulfilling me creatively. (Not that I consider myself creative…)