My mind can’t get no rest


12 days until my first real trip to North Carolina (just a day trip)

17 days until my cabin vacation (with my dog???)

Just thinking about those two things puts me into overwhelm. WHY did I commit to North Carolina? It was an impulsive decision. I may or may not regret it. There is still a very small chance I won’t have to go. Very small.

I picked  up some more stuff from another estate sale today. I’m bummed because I didn’t get one of my boxes. 😦 It was a box of ink pens and other office supplies. I didn’t notice it until too late. Oh well. But the stuff I did get is in good shape. I have started putting prices on items. I’m stuck on some things. How much should I sell the baskets for? One time I went to a flea market and the guy was asking 7.00 for a basket. LOL. Maybe that is a fair price. I don’t know… I just excused myself. I’m sure some people will look at my prices and think “WTF is she thinking?”

I even got a planner from the sale. haha. But I am not keeping it. I think I have it priced at $5.00. I’m selling in June and I have more than enough. Now I have to see about the business license. I was supposed to do it in April but that is so not happening. I will go in the beginning of May. I still don’t have a proper name. blah.

I’m still thinking about trying Nutrisystem for a month. I want to lose 10 pounds and I think that would jump start it. But I’m going on a short vacation soon. Do I want to do Nutrisystem while there? (Why not?) I definitely can’t afford to do it every month. That won’t be happening. It costs so much. ugh, don’t wanna pay.  :/

This Week I…

Music for the week  Lissie, Alabama Shakes, Beth Hart, Madonna, Laura Marling, Nick Jonas, Imagine Dragons, Jillette Johnson

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Parks and Rec, American Idol

The Wizards are working it!

Book of the week: Reconciliation by Thich Nhat Hanh

Walked: most steps so far Wednesday with 6,346 steps

Planner update:

week so far

week so far

I don’t know what happened to April. I was juggling too many things I guess. I need to focus more in May…of course I have the cabin trip and I’m also going to North Carolina. So…who knows what will happen? I don’t even know if I will have May goals. I’ll probably just move over the ones I didn’t accomplish in April.