Story of my life

Can positivity be overdone? Absolutely. As it has become all too evident in recent years, irrational optimism is the reason the market bubbles form – and inevitably burst. It causes us to buy houses we can’t afford and to live above our means. It causes leaders to sugarcoat the present and end up unprepared for the future. It can blind us to problems that need fixing, or areas that need improving.

Yeah. I don’t know if it was pure optimism or foolishness. Maybe a mix of both? In my case, I rented a house I couldn’t afford (for mental health reasons but still…) and brought too much crap on Thursday. And now OH FUCK. I haven’t heard anything one way or the other. That’s all I have to say about that for now.

What foolish thing did I buy on Thursday? (Here comes the judgement as I sit here and judge myself). I brought a custom made planner from Van Der Spek. As you might can tell by the name, the company is in the Netherlands. It was custom made for someone else. She just has the same taste as me. I was going to get my own made but I didn’t want to deal with euros and having to wait for weeks so I brought it used (or “new in box”). Here is a pic:



I know, right? Do only planner people get this? Or does it make most hearts skip a beat? Is it a purple thing? I would love to know. LOL. I will have 7 ring bound planners very soon. I can sell all of them right now and get about $450. But I hope I won’t have to do that. In the future, I may WANT to sell some of them. As these become more rare, the more they are worth so it is best to wait. I may be selling them to go to Puerto Vallarta or even Asheville, North Carolina.

Random update: So far 64 people have viewed my second planner video. Yay me? More people watched my first planner video which is embarrassing because it was a bad video. It was my first time!

This week has been unproductive. I’m juggling too many estate sales. Plus I got a new computer. Basically this week has been a mess. I haven’t done well with my to-do list. Bummer.

This Week I…

Music for the week:  Beth Hart, Lissie, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Jason Mraz, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Kelly Clarkson, Fall Out Boy

TV for the week: Mad Men, American Idol

The NBA playoffs start tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 Go Wizards!

Movie of the week: none. Instead of watching a movie last week, I watched Girls season 4. It was quite good. For the first time I could relate to these girls and I was laughing out loud.

Book of the week:

The Happiness Advantage: The seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work by Shawn Achor (on page 117) I have to finish this book by tomorrow. Speed reading the rest of it. Yes, the quote above came from this book.

Walked: most steps on Saturday with 7,981

Planner update:

this week so far

this week so far

Back to backing up more files so I can move them to my Dell. #TypicalFridayNight I will say that I do think that Windows 8.1 is an improvement over Windows 8 but just give me Windows 7.