can’t eat what you can’t catch

Change is in the air. New laptop. New planner. New side/weekend hustle. Sigh. But then there is a lot of old stuff too. blah.

I invested over $1oo into my side hustle this week. It is for real now. I’m going to obtain my business license before mid-May and sell in June. It is exciting and nerve racking. I brought some brand new items to sell (coming this weekend!) and I will have stuff from estate sales. I want a variety of things. I prefer to sell purses and jewelry because that makes it fun for me but supply and demand, baby!

Dude,  I got a Dell

Dude, I got a Dell

The laptop is um, interesting. I hate Windows 8.1. Hate it. I’m going to see what I can do with it this weekend. I just got so frustrated with the operating system, I gave up after 5 minutes. I’m done… until I have more time. So far all I’ve installed is Spotify (of course!). I will be moving all my files over the weekend.

very Chanel looking

very Chanel looking

My new planner! I love it. I totally (totes!) moved into it as soon as I could. The only thing I don’t like is the size of the rings. I like extra note pages because I am always jotting stuff down. I’m keeping up with all my estate sales stuff on random note pages. Well I don’t have enough room for a ton of pages in this planner. Bummer. I love a big, thick planner. TMI?

Now that I’ve been researching Asheville, North Carolina, I’m so stoked to go. I wish I would have done more research earlier so I could have gone THIS year. Oh well. I really hope I can go next year. The cabins are to die for.

Gotta go.