I bet my life


I just ordered a laptop! Self control, where art thou?  It should be here on Wednesday. Exciting. It is a Dell Touchscreen laptop. TOUCHSCREEN. Yay. I decided to go with this over the other laptop I mentioned because the reviews are amazing. I’m expecting a good product. I’ve never had a Dell laptop, I’ve used plenty of Dell desktops. I’ve also never had a touchscreen laptop. That should be interesting.

I ordered a drop and spill warranty for 2 years. I feel safe with that. I only ordered today because I’m supposed to get my tax refund by Thursday. I wasn’t expecting to use my tax refund for that. I had plans to make a major dent in debt and now…sigh. Oh well.

I tried to start my weekend hustle/side hustle today. It didn’t work out. I wanted knitting supplies and jewelry to sell at a flea market. I lost out on both. In a way, I’m relieved because I don’t have to pay for it (especially after the computer purchase!) but now I’m feeling like I will never be able to buy anything from an estate sale. There is one that ends next Friday. I am currently #1 on about 3-4 items. But anything could happen. I dunno. I need stuff to sale. Stuff. Just stuff. Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I think I scared the Jehovah Witnesses off. Every time I think that, it seems like C has a change of heart and comes back after a few weeks. I hate changing my schedule around to accommodate her. I would rush my afternoon work and then rush working on my practicum or not do it at all. It is definitely a relief if she never comes back. Does that sound harsh?

Instagram is not for people with crappy camera phones. I am thinking about giving up on #ListersGottaList BUT it is so nice to do something creative. I tend to do about 3-4 lists on the weekends so I don’t have to worry about it during the week. But my photos suck because I don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung (or whatever the top android phone is). The point of Instagram is pretty pictures….apparently.

Well my lists look much better when I take them with my digital camera so I’m going to post 3 of my lists here. I wish it looked like this on instagram. Oh well.

People I most admire and why:

people I admire
people I admire

As you can see, I didn’t have a lot of room for the “why”.

Things I need to improve:

few things I need to improve
few things I need to improve

I know you’re thinking “she should have added ‘handwriting’ to that list. lol.

Places I want to go:

dream vacations
dream vacations

The only place on that list I am really researching is Puerto Vallarta. I want that to be my next big solo trip. Asheville, North Carolina will happen. It is “only” 6 hours  away but ugh, I don’t want to drive that far. My legs will kill me. I’m thinking about going next year. I found a great 1 bedroom cabin for $150 a night. They have horses! No pets allowed. :/

Now I’m going to work on my practicum. I have a long work day tomorrow. I may try to go to bed early tonight…but I doubt that happens.