You can’t start a fire in the rain

(In one of my past entries, I said I hadn’t been to a concert in over a year..uh, how could I forget BRITNEY SPEARS in Vegas? Vegas seems so long ago even though it was just this past October).

Before I get into the meat (?) of this entry, I just want to say: I LOVE periscope…especially when I can get on live and communicate with the person um, periscoping. I got a chance to make Rachel Reilly smile with my comment. She read what I said aloud and basically said “you are so right”. It is always good to make someone smile. I heart her. xoxo Also, she wasn’t wearing any makeup and she looked gorgeous. (Her trying on makeup was sort of the point of the video, I guess. She’s going to Coachella. Jealous).

Well, now there are TWO things wrong with my laptop: broken screen & I can’t get online. That means it is time to get a new laptop. The online thing is weird because it says I’m connected to the internet.  I was online the day after the screen broke and now I can’t get on. Strange. Yes, I have restarted multiple times.

Forget about the half (?) broken laptop. I got a new baby! I’m so glad the second hand market (AKA used) exists in the planner world. I just brought a planner someone used for 2 days. I have coveted it since January 2015. It is sold out. It is a Franklin Covey Macaroon planner. It retailed for $89 (!) when it was in stock. That price is unusually high for a faux leather personal size planner but Franklin Covey planners last for a long time.  I just happened to check the facebook group at the right time and snagged it. I should get it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am 78% sure I’m going to switch from my Kikki.K to this planner ASAP.

Here is a video on her:

Isn’t the planner gorgeous? LOVE. OMG. Totes! 😉 I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. The  pink one is still available on Amazon. I blame Miss Trenchcoat for this purchase. It is all her fault.

This weekend I’m working (not for pay), taking my dog to my mom’s house and Petsmart, and mowing the lawn. Guess what I am least looking forward to. Mowing the lawn. We had a horrible windstorm about 2 months ago, and there are tree branches everywhere. Some branches are so big, I cannot pick them up on my own. I guess I will have to mow around those branches for now.

Tonight I’m going to back up more files, work on my practicum, and maybe watch a movie. #TypicalFridayNight

This Week I…

Music for the week:  Since I don’t have online access with my laptop, I haven’t been able to track what music I’ve been listening to. I’ve been listening to my old music, nothing new.

TV for the week: Bloodline, Aaron Hernandez trial (not really TV…recently I’ve been listening to trials while working because a lot of is just boring, procedural stuff. Easy to zone in and out of. I love trials).

I finished Bloodline. Fucking fantastic. Watch this show! You will not regret it. I could do a whole entry on this show. childhood trauma, family dynamics etc.

Movie of the week: none. I want to get a movie or documentary in this weekend

Book of the week:

The Happiness Advantage: The seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work by Shawn Achor (on page 69)

Walked: most steps so far – monday with 5,379

#ListersGottaList update: I’ll just post one list from this week. My phobias. I wanted to list ‘people’ because that’s true but I didn’t want to scare anyone away so I just said ‘social situations’. I could have gone on and on with this list. I have a ton of phobias.

some of my phobias
some of my phobias

Planner update: 

this week so far
this week so far