orange ain’t my color

walmart fashion

walmart fashion

woohoo! I brought my dress from Walmart. haha. It was $15 and I really like it. I would love it if it were purple. It is an ankle length dress. There wasn’t a large selection of dresses. They had a lot of cute skirts to choose from but I wanted a dress. I’m going to wear a black shawl with it. Here is a close up of the lace pattern: (I love lace!)



P.S. As far as I can tell, this dress is coral. My titles rarely make sense. I just hear a lyric and I think: next blog entry title!

I had no idea that this Friday was Good Friday.  I didn’t know Easter was this Sunday either. That is how out of the loop I am on anything religious. OH, that is why they are having their meeting. I’m so lost. Anyway I’m wearing this dress to the Jehovah Witness/Good Friday event and I might wear it on my birthday. This dress is definitely going to be my go to dress for a while…as long as a Walmart dress will last.

I uploaded my 2nd YouTube planner video. I was more relaxed this time. I even kind of chuckled a couple of times. 😉 I could get used to this but I don’t want to post updates on my planners because not much changes on a month to month bases. I will definitely do these videos annually. I want to upload more concert videos but I haven’t been to a concert in about a year. And I don’t have any plans to go to one anytime soon. The people I really want to see aren’t on tour. (Ellie Goulding) OR they aren’t touring where I live. (Sam Smith).

Oh, one person I am dying to see again is D’angelo. I will travel for him. So if he goes on an United States tour, I will drop everything for him. When I saw him, he opened for Mary J. Blige. The crowd wasn’t into him at all. I was the only person in my section standing and clapping. (I could stand because no one cared that he was there). This time IF he tours the US, he will be the headliner. I would die to see him headline. It would be awesome.

Time for April goals. I accomplished 7 out of the 12 goals I had for March. I guarantee you that would not have happened if I hadn’t wrote it down. Write it down, make it happen! Sounds cheesy but it works for me. Some of my goals for April are vague but here goes:

April Goals

  • Make a plan for passing my certification exam. I know that is vague but that’s because I have no clue what I’m doing. I already passed the board exam but now I have to pass one more (and hopefully final) test to keep my certification. I have to pass with an 80. And this subject is not my strength so I’m worried. I’m planning to take the test in July during my week off from work. I get two tries for $60. I would love to pass the first time. I’m so nervous.
  • Decide what I want for my birthday. I know this is easy to pass judgement on but people are asking and I have NO IDEA what I want. I’m trying to keep the price low…I would think asking for a gift card would be fine but some people want to give an actual thing. (edited to add: I finally think I know what I may ask for…still thinking though).
  • Complete at least 72 practicum cases. I met this goal last month (barely) so I’m going to try again.
  • Write a what to pack list for my cabin trip. I’m also cooking food in advance to take with me. The cabin has a full kitchen but I just want to warm my food up while I’m there.
  • Finish reading 3 books.
  • Watch 2 movies.
  • Clean the guinea pig cage and room.
  • Decide what to do about knitting. lol. I have all this yarn and supplies. I still like to knit but what am I going to knit next?
  • Do #ListersGottaList. Not only do it but participate on Instagram as well. I’m not an instagram person but I’m trying. Everyday in April there is a prompt for a list. My goal is to post at least 15 of these on instagram. I may post a few in this blog but that doesn’t count towards the goal. I’m trying to put myself out there a little.  It’s intimidating because everyone else is decorating and has fancy supplies and I’m doing mine in my filofax. I have limited space and limited supplies. If anyone wants to participate go to It’s free.
  • Visit the location where I want to sell. I think it is about 30 minutes from where I live. I will inquire about the business license at that time also.
  • Keep meditating. I’m using an app called Buddhist Meditation Trainer. Love it so far. I will try to do it 3 times a week. I know everyday is ideal.

….and a few private goals.