People gonna talk whether you doing bad or good


I was so angry last night. I get angry every time one of my so-called neighbors throws trash in my yard. These nitwits. What have I done to you entitled fucks? I’m pretty sure I know who is doing it. I’m 96.5% sure. I haven’t done a thing to him. He lives kind of far from me. He has to pass my house every time he comes and goes.

But I know this is a test from the Universe. I won’t let them/him get to me anymore. I will just wait until there is enough trash there, and put it in my garbage can. I will do this at night, of course (when I’m doing a late night/early morning dog potty session). I don’t want him seeing me picking up his trash. lol. Not that he can see me from where he lives but people talk.

I’m not going to stress over it. Let them be fools. I know karma will take care of them. I find peace in that. I do wish they would know that they aren’t getting away with anything but I can’t control that so…..Think about how pathetic their life must be to just chuck their trash out the window into my yard. Does he get a thrill? Does it make him happy? PATHETIC. I would feel bad for him but I’m not there yet.

People. I hate ’em most of the time. Please don’t ask why. I think it’s apparent. Hate is a strong word but don’t freaking mess with me!

/end rant

P.S. Their mail came to my house today.  I walked all the way down there and put it in their mailbox. I’m not the person delivering the bad karma. The universe will take care of it.

P.P.S This is the problem with warm weather: HUMANS. 😦


How do you tell someone I don’t want to go to your meeting because I don’t believe what you all believe…in a polite way? I have until Thursday to figure it out. Yep, the Jehovah Witnesses are back. C is the main one. She comes to my house weekly. She took most of the winter off and it was sooo nice. I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE. um, once again how do you say this in a nice way?

I think I’m just going to say, “I’m not a believer”. And see what she says. She knows I don’t believe in god. Wait, unless she thinks I changed my mind just because she comes to my house. ??? Oh dear. Yeah, I think I’m just going to be honest and go with the whole ‘not a believer’ thing.

My blog is helpful! To me. haha. I didn’t think of that until I started typing it out. Thank you Buddha. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to say though.


I think my therapy sessions are over. I was only going once a month and only 50% of the time was it really helpful. I talk to no one about my issues so some may argue that talking about things are good. But…whatever. It all started with a cancellation due to snow. She said she would call back to fit me in. She never called. Is that a sign from the universe? I hate driving all the way out there. Then I have to wait 30 mins because she is ALWAYS late. (no apology either). So I think I’m done. She wants to cure me of my social anxiety. I don’t think that is my biggest issue. This is where we differ.


I uploaded my planner video to YouTube! OMG. I was so nervous. My few subscribers (60) probably were like WTF is this? Ideally I should have created a new channel but it isn’t like I’m planning on doing a lot of planner videos. I have one more lined up and that is probably it until 2016. I have a few videos on my channel. They are mostly music/pop culture related so this is waaaaaaay out of left field.

My 30 second Britney Spears in Vegas video has 198 views since October. I hope this video beats that. People have viewed it. No comments or likes/unlikes…so far. I’m not checking the stats anymore for a while. I only checked within the first 20 hours and it had about 17 views. My Mariah Carey video has 42,000 views!!! LOL. I had no idea until I checked this weekend. I know my planner video won’t get that.

To anyone who watched the video: My voice is not always that flat. In fact, I’m easily excitable and my voice goes up and down in a crazy way in real life. I was just nervous while shooting the vid.