No one hears the silent tears


12 days until March Madness/my 4 day vacay from work

67 days until my birthday cabin getaway (5 days of no work)

131 days until I have to pass a mandatory test to keep my certification :/ (also a week off from work)

Ugh. Verizon is going to make it really hard for me to get rid of cable since I have it bundled with internet. Those damn bundles. The good thing is that I don’t have a contract but I want to keep Verizon for internet. Blah. When I tell people what I pay for cable/internet, they tell me I have a good deal BUT I need to cut something and I’ve already cut other things so cable seems like the most logical choice. I don’t know what to do. I NEED the internet for work so I can’t just say “screw everything”. Trust me, I would seriously consider it.

I was getting really excited about cancelling cable and now…SCREAM. I’m sure there is someway to get Verizon internet by itself (but is the price worth it?), I just don’t know how. I looked over the website and I chatted online with a rep. No help. So I may have to make the dreaded phone call. I hate talking on the phone.

My ‘No Spend’ for March is going horribly. It doesn’t help that I’m getting a bonus from work next week. I’m still going to use most of the money for paying off debt. But I did pre-order a  gold faux leather personal sized planner for $35. (I don’t feel bad about collecting planners because they are easy to resell. If they are sold out, you will get more than you paid for it). But buying stuff for my planners has to stop. Ordering  take-out food or just buying expensive food has to stop.

The only good thing is that I’m more aware of where my money goes. I’m writing down every dime spent in my planners.

This Week I…

Music for the week:  Kelly Clarkson, Brandi Carlile, Ellie Goulding, Mariah Carey, Sam Smith, Brooke Fraser, Brandy Clark, D’Angelo

TV for the week: House of Cards, basketball

House of Cards. The following is only a spoiler if you haven’t seen season two: I don’t know what people expected to happen when Underwood became president. I knew it would be different. The president can’t get away with the same things as a person in the House can.  I think they are trying to make the show a little realistic. That is one reason I was shocked they let his character become president so soon. I thought “this show is over” but then I found out they were doing a season three.

I like this season better than season 2 so far. It isn’t much different than The West Wing. (I liked that show, didn’t love it). I think I have 2-3 episodes left.

Movie of the week: Blue Ruin. I miss watching thrillers . I’m so sick of romantic movies.  With that being said, Blue Ruin was just okay. It was definitely different.

Books of the week: . Etsy 101: Sell Your Crafts on Etsy, the DIY Marketplace for Handmade, Vintage and Crafting Supplies by Steve Weber (21% through) and I Don’t Want To, I Don’t Feel Like It: How Resistance Controls Your Life and What to Do About It by Cheri Huber (on page 40)

The Etsy book is very interesting. I also watched an Etsy 101 class on Creative Live this week. It is definitely something I want to pursue BUT I’m still thinking about product. Should I make my own inspirational notebooks/mugs/bookmarks/whatever or just sell supplies? When I say “make my own”, I mean outsource it. LOL. I don’t make anything except jewelry (on rare occasions- not a passion). I want to get started in June so I better think harder. 😉 Btw, outsourcing it is cheaper than making them myself. But the quality would be more Etsy-ish if I made them myself. By June I will probably come up with something totally different. My goal is to have a shop filled with things I would want to buy.

Knitting Projects of the week: I messed my cowl up at the car dealership! Wahhh! The guy told me my car was ready (oil change) and I jumped up and guess what? My cowl is messed up. So I’m finishing up my scarf. It is long enough to take off the needles now but I want to use all the yarn so I will keep knitting. A pic when I’m done.

Walked: I walked the most on Saturday: 7,563 steps! I still haven’t hit the magic number of 10,000.

Planner update: This past week’s layout:

weekly layout

weekly layout

I’m sort of prepared to do one of my planner videos. I still haven’t gotten my dividers from Finland so one video  is on hold until they arrive. I brought purple nail polish. My hands are ready. Now if only my voice and mind would catch up. I’m probably going to shoot the video tomorrow. I may upload the video tomorrow also. ::scared:: People do make money from YouTube videos. I’m not saying I will but people say do what you love and the money will follow. Okay………….