my fear became my shadow

On the 18th day or so, I have water!!!11!! Unbelievable. I’m so grateful. I thought a pipe might have burst but it doesn’t seem like it. YAY for water!


I’m thinking about cancelling cable. No it isn’t all about cable news (see entry below). It is about money. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it. The question is when? The NBA season ends in mid to late June. I would like to do it before then. I wish I hadn’t started watching the season this year. It will be hard to not watch the playoffs.

As far as TV goes, I will try to get some channels through an antenna and a converter box. No monthly fees. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to get anything. My house is facing a bunch of trees. (Does that even matter?) I’m not really worried about it. Recently I’ve been having my TV off while I’m working during the day and I’m not missing anything. Watching basketball at night is really my main concern. I gave up football, let me have my basketball! 😉

That money will most likely go to another bill. I wish it could go to savings. So…….as of right now, I’m thinking I’m going to cancel cable TV in June. But I sort of need the money NOW. Hmmm. Still thinking it through. I will still have internet through Verizon. I need internet to do my job so that can’t go anywhere.

Right now I’m just going to have my TV off most of the time just to get use to the idea of no television. I may try Hulu. I don’t know anything about it. I just know it exists and a lot of people use it. But that would be ANOTHER bill so ehh, may not happen. Oooooh I just checked out what they have to offer! They have the ID channel. I might have to check them out. 7.99 a month? I can do that after I cancel cable….maybe.

I’m also thinking about cancelling my gym membership but once again I’m not sure about that. It is $30 a month. I do have access to a free gym through work. But the free gym and the paid for gym offer different things. What I may do is just go to the paid gym more. Get my money’s worth.  Go to water aerobics even though the teacher is a hard ass. (I can’t swim so I can’t do all the stuff and she’s screaming at us. And the floor of the pool is slippery and I’m afraid of falling. etc. etc.) I wish the free gym had a pool but that is never going to happen.

Right now I only use the paid gym for spin class 2-3 times a month. It is too crowded to just go there for the treadmill. And I don’t like lifting weights in front of a bunch of people so that’s out. When it is warm (very soon!), my favorite activity is walking. I cannot wait to take my dog to the park. That should be fun. Lots of walking.


kikki.k planner

kikki.k planner

I DID IT! I put my Plum Paper Planner in my Kikki.K planner. I’m in love. In fact I said “this is my new baby” while holding it and my dog gave me a nasty look. Sorry. It took forever. I did it the slow way. I kept stopping so I don’t know exactly how long it took. I did it over two days. It is so worth it. OMG. Love.

this week so far...

this week so far…

Don’t the gold rings look so much better than that spiral coil? Have I said how much I love, love, love my new planner set up?

UPS update: UPS lost a package of mine. It was a pack of ink pens – Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens, 3-Pack,  I went to the UPS center to pick it up because they kept saying ‘out for delivery’ but I never got a package. It wasn’t there.  I filed a claim so I could get them to investigate. I thought they would give me what the pens are worth since they asked that when I filed the claim.

All I got was a phone call. No apology in the voice mail. “Contact Amazon” was basically all she said. Really? No shit. This is YOUR fault, not Amazon’s. I had already done that and Amazon graciously had already shipped my pens (they came yesterday). UPS could have at least admitted to losing the package. Anyway, all is well now. I partially blame Amazon because they are known for shipping small things in envelopes. 95% of the time that is okay but UPS kept taking the packages on and off the truck because they couldn’t deliver them that day (due to snow or whatever) and the packages were ruined in the process.

Thanks Amazon for sending me another set of pens. They didn’t have to do that but I knew they would.