Reality deferred

*****BREAKING NEWS********* I’m going to open an Etsy shop!  I think I will prefer Etsy to eBay. I’m excited. I know it will be tough with all the competition but I’m going to do it anyway. I have to write out my plans but maybe my shop will open in June? I will also sell at flea markets (different items). I will probably do that once a month starting in May or June until it gets cold.

What will I sell on Etsy? Craft supplies, of course. I have a name but I’m not really in love with it. My first choice is taken. Anyway, I’m still in the planning phase.


kikki.K planner

kikki.K planner

I love kikki.K! They have to open a store in America. Imagine being able to go into their store and just pick up whatever stationary or planner you want. (!!) If I have to go all the way to Australia or Singapore, I will.  My large (A5) kikki.K planner came yesterday. It is so gorgeous.



Once again the rings are perfect BUT there is a small nick in the leather. It is undated. I have no plans to use this during 2015. It will set on my bookshelf. That sort of makes me sad. 😦 But that is the good thing about ‘Filofaxes’, you can use them any year you want. This planner should last for over a decade. Sure it will show some wear and tear (if I ever take it off the bookshelf) but I can use this FOREVER.

I have thought about selling it…if I have to. Currently it is sold out but it will be back in stock. I will keep the box it came in and keep it new as possible for a while. I’ll take it off the shelf and look at it from time to time but using it? Not this year. Does that make me weird? 😉

In the meantime, I’m having fun making inserts for my medium planner. No printer necessary. All I did was buy a $1.50 notepad from Michael’s and used scissors and a hole punch. I love these planners. Before I was all about the spiral bound planners but now I like both for different reasons. Here are the inserts I made:

homemade inserts

homemade inserts

They are just for random notes. It’s nothing special. They are just so easy to make. I have to get better looking notepads in the future.


Many “coincidences” and synchronicities will occur and the how takes care of itself. People will start to call YOU a lucky bitch.

– Denise Thomas

Or don’t take her word for it:

Don’t simply dismiss a coincidence and let it drift away. Life is totally interconnected. These unusual ‘things’ are simply connections that surprise you because you aren’t used to seeing life except in fragments. Now it is beginning to piece itself together.

-Deepak Chopra


This Week I…

Music for the week: Brooke Fraser, Ella Henderson, Carrie Underwood, D’Angelo, Paloma Faith, Ani DiFranco,  Butterfly Boucher, Taylor Swift.

D’Angelo’s performances on SNL were THE BEST I have ever seen on that show. Here is “The Charade”:

TV for the week: The Twilight Zone, basketball

I wish the Grammys weren’t coming on tonight. I have a career related webinar I need to attend. It is worth 1 CEU so I will only be half watching the Grammys. I hope Sam Smith wins something.

Movie of the week: none

Books of the week: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Thomas – on page 103

Knitting Projects of the week: I only knitted one day this week. Too much other stuff I have to do. I have a lot of deadlines in 2015. No pressure.