a search for somethin’ effortless

I tried to divide my goals into spiritual, creative, physical, professional, mental, financial, giving and fun. Some of the goals fit into more than one category so I won’t list them like that. Here are my goals for the year (with an explanation). I left out a lot of the professional goals since this is an anonymous blog. And the financial goals are just boring to list out. Basically I want to lower my credit card debt and put more into savings.

  • Go to the state park for my b-day (in May). I would like to go for 3 nights. Financially this will hit me hard but I feel like I really need to get away.
  • Find a way to earn extra income. This is a need not a want. I have a few ideas. Some involve working for myself (part-time). One idea will be starting within the next couple of weeks.
  • Start a meditation practice. There is finally a weekly meditation group at the gym. I will be attending.
  • Work out at least twice a week. Right now I’m working out once a week.
  • Look for ways to advance within the company. There are reasons why it has to be within the company. After mid-2016, I’m free to leave.
  • Go back to doing yoga at least twice a month. With my dog it is impossible to do it at home so I’m going to the gym for this. I’m trying yoga to lessen my anxiety…which means I should do it more than 2x a month.
  • Start drinking 16 ounces of water a day. I hate water so this is huge. 😉
  • Give to a charity every other month (starting in February). We had/have a work program that would allow us to give automatically every pay period. Last year I chose The American Cancer Society in honor of my uncle who passed away. I don’t know if they are doing that this year. I may want to choose a different charity every other month. Who will I give to? Check out my blogroll and I have a few other ideas.
  • Block off 8-9PM to either read, knit or some other hobby. I may set up a schedule for this so I can make sure I’m getting in a little of everything each week.
  • Do Project Life for 2014 and 2015. This sort of falls under creative even though all my spreads won’t be that creative.
  • Get the word “apprentice” off my title. This is a time consuming goal but it must be done THIS YEAR.
  • Get B into obedience school. The vet says it will help his anxiety. I’m not so sure but she is a vet. School was supposed to start January 25th but I don’t have the money. Hopefully I can afford it next month.
  • Read 25 books this year. That used to be so easy. I used to read between 48 and 49 books a year, always missing 50.
  • Take knitting classes at the local yarn store.
  • Knit a sweater.

That is pretty much it. I get more excited about long term goals but in order to accomplish the long term goals, I have to break them down in little goals.

I also have a One Little Word for 2015. It just came to me. Well, I NEED to do this. My word is FOCUS. Focus on work during work. Focus on my “career”.  (My career isn’t really work ifyouknowwhatImean). Focus on saving/budgeting. etc.