I’m sleeping all these demons away

I was going to start this entry off with goals for the year but I haven’t finished my list. You can see half of it in my last entry (from the page in my planner). I feel like this is nuts but I’m going back to doing Project Life! I’m doing it on a yearly basis. I was just looking at my “craft corner” and realized that I have MORE than enough stuff to do spreads for 2014 and 2015. The only cost is printing pictures and since I’m only doing it annually, the cost isn’t that much. I stopped in October of 2013 and I’m just going to forget the rest of 2013 and start fresh with 2014.

I love a project so I’m kind of excited. In addition to all the Project Life stuff I had, I starting thinking  that it would be good to document my trip to Vegas and my new dog. I have tons of pics so why not put them somewhere? YAY for using my stash. It was just going to sit there…I did sell some of it on eBay a year ago but I’m keeping the rest (due to everything being too disorganized to sell). Between my planner and Project Life, my craft supplies will be used. 😉 Btw, I will share some of spreads on this blog like I used to. My previous PL posts are here.

My dog must know when it is Friday. He goes stir crazy. Ugh. I still got enough work done though. I’m off on Monday but I will probably work a couple of hours so I won’t be behind. I also have to take my dog to the vet on Monday. This visit is supposed to be free but I’m sure they will find a way to charge me for something. Miss optimistic.

It looks like I will be going to spin on Sunday. I had to skip the past two weeks because I didn’t have water. (When it is very cold, my water goes off). I desperately need to exercise. If it weren’t for my dog, I wouldn’t be getting any exercise.

I finally figured out a way to take captures from videos. Here are some late pics of my time in Vegas (with the dolphins) :





And here was my view from The Elara hotel. It looked much better at night:



That’s it for now.

This week I….

Music for the week: Meghan Trainor, Ella Henderson, Kat Dahlia, Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, D’Angelo, Thalia

TV for the week: House of Cards, Homeland season 4

Homeland season 4 was sooooo good!! I stayed in all weekend (no water) and watched the whole season. It was awesome. 🙂

Movie of the week: none

Book of the week: Coming Clean: A Memoir by Kimberly Rae Miller

I’m on page 135. I will finish this book by next week.

Knitting projects of the week: I’ve been alternating between reading and knitting in my free time. I only worked on my purple cowl this week. Pics next week or whenever I make progress.

Deal of the week: I will not be participating in this sale because I can’t afford it 😦 but if anyone is interested…

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