Thoughts on the Bloom Planner

….and my non-planning ways.

bloom planner


It’s funny how I go gaga over planners. I hate things scheduled.  I value freedom and I’m a gypsy. I got my Bloom planner on Monday and I barely have any to-dos in it because I do things when I feel like it.  What is the point of writing down something I hate doing (like cleaning) when I know I’m not going to do it until I feel like doing it? So I don’t use my planners in a planning way. I only write down things I’m at least 80% sure I will do.

I use it to keep up with what I’ve done since I have a lousy memory. I paid about $5 for this planner by using my Amazon points. It is worth about $8. It isn’t well made. It reminds me of the planners I used to have in high school but it will work until I get my Plum Paper Planner in about 5 weeks. I decorated it with washi tape and stickers. I finally get to use my tiny stash.

Getting into the planner: It has a “Goals for this year” page:

bloom planner

goals page

It also has a few class schedule pages, lined note pages, “things to do” and a contacts page (yes I will use that). And then we have the monthly spread. Here is January:

monthly view

monthly view

The main reason I chose this planner is because of all the space in the weekly spreads. Here is this week so far:


2 page spread

And here is next week which is mostly empty since I don’t over plan:

bloom planner

next week

It will get filled up as the week goes on and I do things.

Ideally I would like to use these planners to help accomplish my goals but I’m probably just going to use it to chart progress. If that makes any sense??? lol.

Final thoughts on the Bloom Planner: I love the size (small, lightweight), the amount of space for notes and even the aesthetics.  There are many covers to choose from. I don’t like the cheap coil that is already coming loose. It is great for college students and people on a budget (like me!). It has fantastic reviews on Amazon so I don’t think the coil is bad on every planner. If I hadn’t already  ordered another planner, I could easily use this (if it LASTS) for the whole year. I’m surprised by how much I like it. I think decorating and making it mine helps.

p.s. I know I need better pens and handwriting.