Just a little piece of your heart

I went on and ordered a Plum Paper Planner! I put it on my credit card because I don’t have enough cash. How silly/dumb is that? But I’m so excited to get it. I have it starting in March 2015. It won’t arrive until around February 10 (if I’m lucky). I love it because it can be personalized. I brought the family planner (with extras) even though I don’t have a traditional family. I just have a dog and 2 guinea pigs….Anyway, I have the days divided into: work, today, money and fitness. I have 3 blank sections.

Here is a  video of an overview of the Plum Paper Planner:  (She has the regular planner NOT the family planner so mine will be a little different)

I’m not an affiliate. I just love these planners! BTW, I did consider the Erin Condren Life Planner but I don’t divide my days into morning, evening and night so that planner wouldn’t work at all for me.

About the Desire Map planner: I haven’t received it yet. I ordered it on January 3 and it still says packaging. I’m very disappointed since they claim to ship in two days.  I would have expected a note with my confirmation email if there was a delay for any reason. #FirstWorldIssues I may keep the planner or sell it on eBay. I could use one planner for documenting (plum planner) and one for goals (desire map). I dunno. I have to get it and look through it first.

Edit: OMG. I emailed Danielle LaPorte’s company to cancel my Desire Map Planner since they weren’t planning on shipping it anytime soon. They are going to cancel it! LOL. So I ordered a Bloom Planner (much cheaper but still good) to use until I get my Plum Paper Planner. Uh, thanks. 🙂 Wow is all I have to say. Is that good customer service or….I’m so confused. Anyhow, the Bloom Planner will be here on Tuesday.

I will show both planners on the blog. No worries about that. 😉 lol


I feel bad about how I blogged about my dog even though everything I said at the time was how I felt. I’m his person. He picked me. He is shy around everyone BUT me. I don’t know why that is. I do feel blessed to have this little guy in my life…even though things are far from perfect. For example, he was pretty good all week but today…SCREAM. I was trying to work. Keyword: trying. He has his first vet appointment on January 19. I hope everything goes okay.


My therapist. Another SCREAM. She doesn’t get it. I see her about once a month so maybe that is why she has a memory problem. I don’t yearn for friends. How hard is that to understand? Yes, I do consider dealing with people a hassle. I had to spell it out for her. I AM A LONER. etc. etc. This is not new info. I have told her all this before. Sigh. Maybe it is time for therapy to end. ???



Music for the week: India.Arie, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, D’Angelo, Butterfly Boucher, Taylor Swift

TV for the week: House of Cards, basketball

Movie of the week: none

Book of the week: Coming Clean: A Memoir by Kimberly Rae Miller

Knitting projects of the week:

I started a ribbed cowl –

ribbed cowl
ribbed cowl

Here is my purple cowl. I will never do another cowl with this type of yarn. It takes too long.

purple cowl
purple cowl

And here is my scarf. It is almost done.


No more big yarn purchases for me. I’m on a strict budget these days. I will be using my stash for a while.


I didn’t go to spin last week, not because it was the first week of January but because I was out all day on Saturday. I am planning on going this Sunday…if I have water. I didn’t have water all day yesterday and this morning. That is nothing compared to last year. Last January I probably had water for less than 10 days. It was so cold last winter. Here’s hoping this winter isn’t as cold.