Afraid of Nothing

I put my 17 year old dog to sleep on Saturday. I don’t really have much that isn’t cliché to say about it. I do have a favorite memory I’ve never shared in this blog. When she was about 3 or 4, she ran away. I was terrified, of course! I got in my car and less than 5 minutes later she was right beside it. Because what is cooler than a car ride? Forget running away, I wanna go for a ride. Another memory is how she would get into my suitcase when I was getting ready to go back to college. I really missed her when I went away.

My favorite moments with her were when we were lying in bed together. I had a tiny twin sofa bed. So it wasn’t comfortable AT ALL. But I always wanted her in bed with me…even when she would steal the covers.

Now I have a new buddy. I’m fostering an 8 month old puppy. He is part sheltie, terrier and corgi. My last dog was a corgi/beagle mix, btw. I think this dog is more sheltie and terrier. I didn’t know anything about shelties until I got him. They can be quite the handful. I might adopt him. He is soooo cute. BUT, he has bitten someone before (at the shelter) and he growled at me on day one like he wanted to attack. It was scary how a big sound could come out such of a tiny dog. I’m a little scared of him…I don’t think that is healthy.

If I do decide to keep him, I will be attending puppy obedience school with him. It costs $119 so I won’t start as soon as I like. Here is the worst part: He is NOT house trained. Bummer. My last dog was so I’ve never had to do this before. I have no idea how to house train this dog. I’ll take him outside every few hours but he’ll wait until he comes in to use the bathroom on the carpet. Yeah, good times. He did use the bathroom outside once today…I was thrilled.

Another bad and sad thing: He wants to kill my guinea pigs. This sucks and is one of the reasons I am thinking about not adopting him. I had to move my guinea pigs to the bedroom. I am never back there so now I rarely see them. 😦 I miss them. I’m trying to think of a solution better than what I’ve got going on now.

I’m overwhelmed and probably still grieving over my dog. But I’m mainly overwhelmed by having a new dog and by work.

Gotta go. I might post pics of both dogs later this week. I’m going to get some knitting done…instead of cleaning or studying.