taking chances

It hasn’t happened yet but I’m 99% sure I am putting my dog to sleep this weekend. 😦 She just had her 17th or 18th birthday (have to look it up). I’m losing my best friend. 😦 So sad. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I’m so not looking forward to Saturday when I will lose my baby, my only friend. 😦 😦 😦


Warning: long entry with a few  pics

I went to the free gym on Wednesday because I figured I wouldn’t feel like going to spin class after taking my dog to the vet on Saturday. It was semi-crowded. I have never seen that many people at that gym when it isn’t January. Note to self: Don’t go to the gym at 3:45PM on a weekday. (Nah, I’ll probably try again).  I only walked a little over a mile on the treadmill. Fitness gurus would say that that is nothing. I understand but it is better than nothing. Besides I want to speed up my metabolism. I figure exercising is the best way to go even if it isn’t much.

I guess my SAD hasn’t kicked in yet. Normally during this time of year, I would never voluntarily go to the gym. I’m just at my normal level of depression. I think it is because it isn’t that cold yet. It was 70 degrees recently!

“Business” – Ebay sent me an email saying they went over my site and wanted me as an affiliate. I had no idea they even had an affiliate program. So if you don’t hate me, please consider using my Ebay link (also on blogroll) when you shop there. I use ebay about 5 times a year. I buy 90% of my knitting needles from there. I also like using it for gifts. I’ve been using Ebay so long  that I have a common one word name with no numbers behind it. I used to do all my shopping there. I’ve sold stuff on there too.

Currently my favorite ebay store is Cherrysky90 (clothes, knit, crochet) but it really depends on what I’m interested in at the moment. Guilty Pleasure: I love buying jewelry on ebay. I don’t wear it as much anymore but when I did, I got a bunch of cheap nice looking stuff. 😉 Lots of compliments. If they only knew…

Pictures of STUFF time. I was a bad girl and brought knitting stuff. Stuff isn’t bad on it’s own. But I’m #1 having financial issues and #2 obviously using stuff to fill a void.

All of the yarn was on sale from Craftsy. I’m used to acrylic yarn for the most part so I’m very excited to add these skeins to my stash. I’ll start with my favorite:

Lorna's Laces  100% superwash merino

Lorna’s Laces 100% superwash merino

Isn’t that beautiful? It is called jeans and it is for a lace scarflette I plan to make. Hand dyed.

Cascade Heritage 75% merino 25%  nylon

Cascade Heritage 75% merino 25% nylon

I have no plans for the yarn above. I just brought it because I love purple.

Lorna's Laces 55% merino wool 15% nylon 30% viscose

Lorna’s Laces 55% merino wool 15% nylon 30% viscose

The yarn above is called “The L”. I brought it for a lace scarf. It is hard to make due to all the lace so I won’t be starting that project anytime soon.  Hand dyed yarn.

Rowan fine lace. 80% alpaca 20% fine merino wool

Rowan fine lace. 80% alpaca 20% fine merino wool

No plans for the above yarn.

Just for fun, here is a pic of my yarn stash:

messy messy

messy messy

I have 2  project bags on the way (more  STUFF). They seem to be stuck in Florida. Pics of those next week.


Music for the week: Sharon Van Etten, Magic!, Lucy Hale, Mary J. Blige, FKA twigs, Tristan Prettyman, Ani DiFranco, Ariana Grande

I haven’t had much time to listen to the new Mary J album but so far I love it. No shock there. I’m a huge Mary J. fan.

TV for the week: Pretty Little Liars

I’m going to start a House of Cards marathon in January. See, I do have plans for the new year. 😉 Season 3 starts in February.

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week: I have a hold for a library book I really want to read. Until then I’m just browsing various books like Knitting: Amazing Patterns that Everyone Can Knit by Kathy Wilson <– great patterns

Knitting projects of the week: More pics. I finished my final chunky garter scarf:



I got to the place in my afghan where I changed colors. This is my first time changing colors with knitting. I think I did okay. The back is very messy though.



Finally, here is a gauge swatch for my cardigan. Yes, the swatch is too small. I should have ripped it out and started a bigger one. Anyway, I wish I had stuck with my first color choice: brown. I think I’m sick of burgundy after doing the scarf. But oh well. It is my first sweater. It’ll be amazing if it comes out close to decent.

guage swatch for cardigan

gauge swatch for cardigan 20% wool 80% acrylic

Crochet projects of the week: none really. chains, chains, chains. I hope to have something here…in a month maybe.

I have to get ready for C to come over. C is a Jehovah Witness who swears she is not trying to convert me. She just wants to “tell me what the real truth is”. Her truth is what is in the Bible. Everything was fine until she dissed science. :/