dat booty booty

I’m working on Thanksgiving (and on that Friday and Saturday) but I’m off for 2 days in mid November so it all works out. I have never left my house on Black Friday…however, this year I’m considering going to craft/yarn stores to see if they have anything on sale. I only need yarn to make my cardigan. Do craft stores cut yarn prices on Black Friday? I have no clue. More importantly, will there be any yarn left by the time I get there since I’m working that morning? I should just stick to online.


Why do people vote in presidential elections and not in mid-terms? I don’t enjoy voting (ha!) but I vote every year. I wouldn’t waste my time just voting for the president. What’s the point? C’mon people! Pay attention! /end public service announcement What? Do these people have, like, a life and whatnot? smirk.

I voted for the first time in my new neighborhood during my lunch break. No lines. So easy. I hope they have more booths for a presidential election otherwise it will be ugly.


Aiming to piss off more people…Let’s talk “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. I don’t ever listen to music on the radio so I didn’t hear the song until this week. #late I knew it existed because I follow the Billboard charts like it’s my religion. The song has been in the top 5 forever. As of last week it was the #1 song in America and probably still is #1. Anyhow, it could be the perfect pop song. It’s cute. Nice chorus. etc. etc. But these lyrics ruin the whole song:

Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size
She says, “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night”.

WHO CARES WHAT BOYS THINK? Or anyone? Why does it always have to be about what “they” want? So it is only okay if someone else is attracted to it? FUCK THAT. Embrace your booty or whatever because it’s okay with you!

I complain about my weight (140lbs – OMG!). Yes I would like to lose ten pounds but it isn’t for anyone else. It is for me because I let myself go since I started working at home. It was so much easier for me to exercise when I was out and about. I just want to get the ‘old me’ back for myself.  I don’t care whether John Doe is attracted to me. In fact, I would prefer if he not be but that is a whole other topic.

Wait…I have to confess something. It did feel good when people used to ask me, “Do you eat?” Or say “Wow you are soooo skinny”. But I know that will never happen again. And I’m totally (totes!) at peace with that. I don’t need that. Besides it wasn’t like I was working out daily or deserved what they were saying. It was my metabolism at work NOT ME.