Vegas: Day 3 & 4

My favorite day (day 2) is here.

Day 3 and 4:  The best thing about being on east coast time is being able to easily get up early -without an alarm clock- and experience The Strip. It was so quiet and hardly anyone was out. It was great. I experienced the fountains at The Bellagio at 8AM.



I didn’t go anywhere for breakfast. I brewed some coffee and ate leftovers from The Mirage buffet. Then I walked to the Bellagio and enjoyed the pop music while watching the fountain show. Then I went to Ceasers. I wasn’t planning on going there but that place is so huge and I’d walked by it the day before. I was intrigued. This is how I got into trouble. It is a nice place…and the casino was quiet. UGH! Yes I gambled and lost everything. ($23).

After feeling like a loser, I went back to the hotel to get ready for the timeshare presentation. Of course I was nervous but it wasn’t that bad. I think they saw I was solo and didn’t feel like wasting time with pressure. I had a lot in common with the lady who showed me the models. There must be a rule about not having silences because I’m the hardest person to have a conversation with but somehow she did it. 😉 I told her about Oaxaca City, Mexico. (She’d never heard of it). Both of us like Bebe but only one of us can afford to shop there. 😦

I went back to my hotel room feeling relieved. I probably will have a timeshare one day but I don’t have the money now. My legs were still hurting from the day before. I really wanted to walk to Aria or the Fashion Show Mall but my feet would not allow it. So I looked up the bus schedule online and found it was only 3 stops away. There was hope. I made it to the bus stop, got on the bus and asked “Is it two dollars?”. “No it is six”. I got off the bus because I only had $4 with me. So no Fashion Show Mall for me.

I was so desperate I went to Planet Hollywood’s casino to try to win 2 dollars! I didn’t. I lost all $4 and “won” 85 cents. 😦

I think I just chilled in the hotel room and watched the news (I’m addicted). Because I went to the timeshare presentation, I got free VIP tickets to a show and free dinner. Thankfully going there wasn’t a far walk so I put my little black dress on  (again) and I got ready for the show and dinner. I chose Cheeseburger Las Vegas for dinner. The service was sooo slow. I barely had time to eat. I had to take half of my food to the show in a container.

greasy food

greasy food

I am proud to report that now I’m back on my #NoRedMeat (or pork) diet. Anyhow, then I went to Hitzville (Broadway tribute show). I was late. I had a second row aisle seat. The show was great. I didn’t film anything because I knew they were trying to sell DVDs and I would’ve felt bad. There was a lot of talent on that stage. They sang Diana Ross (my fave!), Aretha Franklin, Four Tops, Temptations, Tina Turner and more.

After the show, I had to pack. The next day I was leaving Las Vegas.

Day four

I woke up at 5AM (east cost thang) ate my leftovers from Cheesburger LV and drank alcohol. I never drank alcohol in the morning. It was great. 🙂

Day 4 was all about travel. I will try my best to NEVER use United again. The self check in kiosk didn’t work. I had to stand in a very long line. I would have missed my plane if it weren’t for a nice guy who insisted I tell people that my plane was leaving soon. I went there with American Airlines and had zero problems but United…I will try to avoid them in the future.

Overall, Las Vegas was a nice trip. I love new experiences. I can’t wait to go there with my mom but I’d rather go somewhere else for my next solo trip. The major thing I learned  is to TAKE MORE CASH. lol. I only brought enough to tip. I was planning on using my debit/credit card for most things. I wasn’t planning on taking buses or taxis.

The end. (Finally)