been living with devils and angels

My Vegas trip itinerary has changed again. I NEVER plan out vacations like this but this is Vegas and I’m hearing it is better to have a plan.  I found out that I really arrive at 11 AM! Uh-oh. The Elara (formerly Planet Hollywood Towers) does not allow early check-ins. But I will ask them to take my luggage (1 suitcase). Assuming they say yes, I feel like I almost have 3 full days to explore Vegas. If I can’t ditch my luggage, obviously that changes things. So the following is assuming the staff at The Elara are nice folks. 🙂


  • Arrive at the local airport at 5AM EST. Get to Vegas at 11AM. Hop on the shuttle I’m prepaying for and ask the hotel staff to take my  bag. Then it’s ON.
  • Miracle Mile Shops–> Cheeseburger Las Vegas. (lunch/dinner)
  •  I’m also prepaying for a Vegas bus tour of The Strip and downtown so why not use it the first day? I can get on and get off ALL DAY. Good way to see where everything is located.
  • Checking in The Elara at 4PM. After an hour, I will probably get right back on the bus to see The Strip and downtown at night.


  • Get up at 6:30AM. Have breakfast at The Bellagio. Afterwards, walk around there until I see everything inside. Of course I want to see the fountain show outside of The Bellagio. I hope to see that more than once a day since I’m so close to it.
  • 11AM – Dolphin show the Mirage. Afterwards walk around the Mirage.  Side note: I recently found out Kardashian Khaos at the Mirage is closing on October 30th!! (probably due to the rent going up).  Maybe things will be on sale? Too bad I don’t know any Kardashian fans.  After browsing the stores,  I’ll go to the buffet for takeout. price $16. Not many hotels have takeout buffet. score!
  • Go back to the hotel. Relax and eat.
  • 2:30PM – Heading out to the Luxor for the Titanic exhibit. Since Mandalay Bay is close by, I will go to their aquarium right after that. I haven’t paid for these two things yet because I’m not sure I really want to spend my time doing this. ??? If I had more time, I would definitely do these two things.
  • Should be back at the hotel around 5ish. Time to get ready for the Britney Spears concert. I’m not sure why I have to get there early since I will have a seat (versus standing in the pit). But I don’t want to get there “late” and miss the opening. The show starts at 9PM. I will get there a little before 8.
  • After Britney, I may just go to bed. I’m so exciting. Or I may walk The Strip.


  • Get up at 6ish again. Maybe have breakfast at a cafe at Aria. They have red velvet pancakes. How can I not go? Plus it isn’t expensive.
  • After breakfast, just wander around. Go see the fountains at the Bellagio.
  • 10:45 meeting at the hotel. *yawn*
  • FREE TIME from 12:45 -5 I will probably end up doing a walking hotel tour during this time. Or maybe go lay by the pool. I’ve heard it can get crowded but as long as I can get a seat, I’m fine.
  • 5PM – Get ready for Hitzville (Motown show).
  • After the show go to Pampas Brazillian Grille at Planet Hollywood for dinner. I have a $50 gift certificate. I hope I won’t be under dressed. I will be taking one dress with me just in case but I know that will be too dressy.
  • This is my last day in vegas so whatever I feel I haven’t done, I will do.


  • Get up at 7.  Grab a muffin and coffee from Starbucks and then take the shuttle to the airport. My flight leaves at 10AM.

I took going to the thrift store off the list but I do have the free time on Thursday to do it. It just depends. It is something I would like to do but not a must. I’m definitely looking forward to going but the more I read, the more I know that I can’t do everything. I think Tuesday could be the most fun day. Well I am a little anxious about being on a bus. It takes me back to my school days when no one wanted me sitting beside them and I was teased almost everyday.

I will type out a more detailed itinerary (!!)  for my Kindle. I have a map of the strip on there so I will probably take my Kindle everywhere.

The Vegas veterans on Trip Advisor are the best sources. Better than the books.