La La La

“You don’t have a bubbly personality”.

Understatement of the year

No, I’m not fond of people and I don’t talk. I guess that makes me un-bubbly. Ha! I have never heard anyone say it quite like that. A coworker said that btw. This came up because they are giving me more responsibilities at work. If they only knew that I was waking up at 5AM and staying late to do my ordinary work. How the hell am I supposed to do more? Sally says, “Stop bitching and be grateful you have a job”.

Another thing about work or people in general: I hate when they get pissed because they didn’t think of something. Let me put it this way: I am the queen of avoidance. So I will come up with things others would never think of to avoid something I don’t like (like people). Then other people see it was a great idea and they get mad because they didn’t come up with it. And then it is my fault. Sigh. People. Gotta deal with them.

More randomness: I started a Pinterest board with people I admire. It isn’t done but those are the first people I came up with. I was extremely nervous to include “online personalities” on there but I did anyway. Hopefully they will never see it. 😉

Interesting how people are calling for a NFL boycott. I boycotted pro football over a year ago but not for the reasons people are doing it now.  I boycotted due to the concussions/injuries the players were/are getting. The domestic violence arrests are nothing new. Not to make light of domestic violence…just stating a fact.

Oh yeah I was supposed to do my juice cleanse on Sunday. It started out okay. I got up at 8AM. I juiced. At 1PM, I ate dinner. LOL. I wasn’t hungry. I was drinking organic apple juice and water but I desperately wanted caffeine. (I can’t drink most caffeinated items on an empty stomach. I’ll get nauseous or sick). I got up, did some stuff and easily went right back to sleep. I need my caffeine. I just said fuck it and had food with and a caffeinated beverage.

The one thing I did learn is that I’m not hungry much. I just eat because I’m supposed to or I’m bored.  I only eat twice a day (3 times if you count protein bars). I also have to stop sleeping so much. I’m always tired unless I have caffeine. I’m depending on it way too much. If I don’t have it, I’m in bed. More on this later.

Gotta go.

Just a quick, random entry.