At least I’m being honest

What 3 day weekend? I’m working half days on Saturday and Monday. The good thing is that I get paid for this! 🙂 The temp agency called. HOWEVER, she wanted me to interview for a full-time job. Ahhh! No, I don’t want to leave my full time job (unless it is something in my field)…not right now anyway. And I bet the pay is lower. But I didn’t ask. At least she hasn’t forgotten I exist. yay.

shoes for foot pain
shoes for foot pain

woohoo! I got my new shoes. I like. I can’t review them since they are still new to me. They are heavier than my lightweight Skechers I’ve been wearing for 4+ years. It will take a while to get used to heavier shoes. I’m sick of my foot pain affecting my vacations (New York and Mexico especially). I probably need foot surgery but that won’t be happening.

It looks like I will be starting my NO RED MEAT week on this Monday. I’m 80% sure I will never eat red meat again after Monday. But I don’t know….#FearOfCommitment

What is Saturday? The official start of college football. I boycotted ALL football last year. Now I’m rethinking it. I won’t watch the NFL this year but I’m thinking of watching college football on Saturday just to see how it feels. I may be completely over it. We’ll see. Btw, nothing has really changed. I can’t believe we find something that can end someone’s life as entertainment. I count suicides in the stats. Perhaps knowing that it is just college ball is a little bit more comforting. Most of these players will not go on to the NFL. They won’t have to deal with all the mental and physical injuries. It might seem like I’m rationalizing  but college football seems more pure.

It will be interesting to watch college football after not following for a full year. I feel like I don’t know anyone or anything. I don’t know coaches, players or the story lines. I’m so out of the loop.


Music for the week:  Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, The War on Drugs, Mariah Carey,Heather Nova, Miranda Lambert,  Ed Sheeran, Angel Olsen

TV for the week: Big Brother, The Killing, Daily Show, Colbert Report

What is really messed up is that a white person has to speak out on the privilege of whiteness for people to semi-hear it. No one wants to hear a person of color talk about race. Jon Stewart? “I’ll listen but whatever. We all have problems” ::rolls eyes:: My favorite part was “You are tired of hearing about it (race) then try fucking living with it” (paraphrased).

Movie of the week: none

Books of the week: Too many to mention. The two vegetarian books I mentioned in my last entry plus:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart (just started)

Everything Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cookbook (will be trying out these recipes during ‘no red meat’ week. I love using my slow cooker. I hate cooking.)

Under 15 minutes Vegetarian Quick and Easy recipes (the recipes for kids are what I’ll be trying. lol. good ideas. I definitely recommend this book).

Knitting projects of the week: I only worked on my shawl this week. Not much improvement from the last pic I shared so no pics this week. Pics next week if I’m still blogging. Yep, I’m thinking of taking a break. I don’t have comments turned on* so no I am not fishing for “PLEASE STAY!!!111!!!”. Besides no one would say that. 😉

*I originally turned the comments off because I sometimes talk of suicide and I don’t want people telling me to keep living or it’ll get better etc. Just in case anyone was wondering……In fact, I’ll add that to my bio.

Bye. I’m working, mowing the lawn, cleaning up, and  preparing for “no red meat”  over the weekend. I’ll get some reading, college football and knitting in there too. How exciting! (sarcasm)