Until the race is run

I did a 30 minute walk on Sunday. My feet started hurting towards the very end. That is not a good sign for Vegas where all I will do is walk. I’m going to take pain killers with me but…I wish there were a type of shoe or something that could help with the pain. Maybe I need to do more research on that. I’ve had this problem most of my life. Usually I can walk more than 30 minutes before I feel pain.

After doing a little research I think I’m going to buy Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles. I don’t want to spend a ton on new shoes (that might not help) so I hope this works. Errr. Actually I think I have found an affordable pair of shoes. Nurses wear them and they “only” cost about $50.  Perhaps the shoes plus the insoles will be a winner. Now I just have to figure out when/if I should buy them. Mo debt, mo problems.

Update: I just ordered the shoes. I hope they work.


I thought I would be blogging about how I’m going vegetarian for a week but now I’m leaning towards no red meat for a week.  I started eating red meat too much about 3 months ago.  My no red meat week will be from September 4-11. I hope I never eat red meat again after that week…….but saying only a week is less of a commitment. One day I would like to be a vegetarian. When I was 12, I went through a no meat eating phase. But I don’t think I’m ready to start right now. (I’m at the “what the hell would I eat?” stage) If I ever do cut out meat, I would still eat eggs and diary (yogurt!) so I want to be a semi-vegetarian AKA lacto-ovo vegetarian.

I mainly eat red meat for breakfast so that will be my biggest struggle. Dinner will be no problem. I don’t eat lunch.

Of course I love animals but this isn’t about that. I have felt guilty/hypocritical for eating meat while being an animal lover. However, my choice is more about health. I have to get rid of at least red meat. And then I will stop eating all meat. That is the plan.

So far two books are helping me find my way:

I’m sure there are better books but I have to take what I can find. I can’t spend money on books right now. These aren’t preachy activist books which I appreciate.


No call from the temp agency in over a week. Would they let me know if they gave up? Right now I’m doing overtime on Saturdays to make extra money. But that won’t always be offered so I need something else. Sigh. I passed the boards. Why? Because it was 100% up to me. Getting a job means relying on other people. FUCK. I hate that. Anything that I want that is up to me 100% I can accomplish…involve other people and my chances go waaaaaaaaaaay down.

Life. :/