At least that’s what people say

A few unpopular thoughts/questions on what is going in Ferguson, MO:

  • I feel bad for all the mothers, sisters, friends etc. of murdered family members that get NO JUSTICE. At least this case is getting attention. People are murdered every day and a lot of these go unsolved. No one gives a damn. Attorney General? DOJ?  FBI? Where was this when John Doe or my cousin was murdered?
  • There is never a reason to violently loot. Never. Not only are looters selfish, they have no empathy. What exactly did these business owners do to them?
  • Is this a circus or what?
  • Why is the attorney for the family trying this case in the public? We aren’t the jury. Adding to the circus…
  • Are people forgetting that we have no idea what happened? Well, only one person alive knows and he’s in hiding. (I don’t believe eye witnesses. Research it, they aren’t reliable according to the stats). The only way I would protest is if there was video showing wrongdoing by the officer. Just FYI: I am not one of those people who blindly think cops are the good guys. FAR from it…
  • Shame on the people coming from all over the United States using Mike Brown’s death as a reason to start trouble in Ferguson.
  • I think many in the media don’t want to cover this story at all but feel they have to.
  • Is there really a reason to peacefully protest after 9PM? I know they have the right. blah, blah, blah
  • To end on a semi-positive note: I think it is great what leaders are doing, trying to curb the violence and lead a peaceful protest.

I probably shouldn’t post this…..