I knew that panic was over

Tired. I had to take a nap during lunch yesterday. Woe is me, I know (sarcasm). I stayed up late for two nights in a row, trying to follow what was going on in Ferguson, MO. Today my TV is off. #NoNewsDay. I‘m still following the news a little on Twitter.  I worked and ran errands today but I also slept. (Yes, I know I’m privileged to be able to turn off the news and this story is simply gone).


It looks like I’m going to Las Vegas by myself in October. That’s fine with me but I kind of wanted to share the experience with my mom. She deserves to stay in the awesome hotel (more like an apartment) for a few days. Oh well. :/

Why didn’t anyone tell me? Craftsy* has an affiliate program! I’ve taken 7 classes from them. Hello? It is about to be 8 classes. When you sign up as an affiliate, you get a FREE class!!!! I chose “The Art of Stir-Frying” for my freebie. How many knitting classes can I take? I wanted something different. This will be my first online cooking class. I took an in person cooking class about 3 years ago. It was expensive and I did learn useful things but I think online may be better. I’ll review it after I have time (and the materials) to make something. YAY, Craftsy!

(*disclaimer: all craftsy links are affiliate)

The temp agency did call me. However, it isn’t going to work out. The main reason is the training would take place while I’m working my full-time job. I can’t take a day off with short notice during the summer. In February? Maybe. And I would only work about 22 hours a month. That would help a little but I might need more hours than that. I hope she can find me something else…something without day time training.

I did not hear back about the job interview. 😦 Due to the way she contacted me first, I feel like the job could have been mine. Damn. Missed opportunity. It isn’t like I get a bunch of opportunities. This is not a good feeling. 😦


Music for the week:  Ellie Goulding, The War on Drugs, Mariah Carey, Lucy Hale, Phillip Phillips,  Emm Gryner, Miranda Lambert, Hunter Hayes

70% Ellie 😉 I’m slowly diversifying. I’m trying to listen to a new (to me) artist every week. I’m not sure how long this will last.

TV for the week: Big Brother, The Fosters

Movie of the week: I’m planning on watching Now is Good as soon as I publish this post. Edit: Okay movie, nothing special. If you like sad dramas, give it a try.

Books of the week:

Delirium by Lauren Oliver (finished)

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Buddhism: For Beginners! The Ultimate Guide to Incorporate Buddhism Into Your Life – A Buddhism Approach For More Energy Focus And Inner Peace by Dominque Francon

Knitting projects of the week: My goal is to knit more this week. I started my shawl over. So far no mistakes:


I have made so many mistakes with this scarf but I just keep knitting:



I’m going to eat dinner and watch a movie. After that I will prepare for my Ebay auction. I’m selling ‘like new’ books this week. I have one textbook that I’m hoping will bring in at least $50. Anything for cash. 🙂