I’m one of those people

It was a disaster. What did you really expect me to say? LOL. I was 6 minutes LATE to a JOB INTERVIEW! What had happened was…I put the wrong address into the GPS. :/ Luckily I  realized it halfway through my trip. I wasn’t that far off but I was still late. I am never, ever going to schedule a job interview right after work. I am usually 20 minutes early for appointments. I stay in the car or bathroom until I’m only 15 minutes early.  So if she knew I wasn’t there at 3PM, that was a major fail. MAJOR FAIL. Without saying too much, this is a very busy place. There is a small chance she didn’t know I wasn’t there.

I got there at 3:06. She called me in around 3:25 so she was late too. The interview: This one one of those interviewers who wasn’t prepared. I have never had one of those before but I’ve read about them  in the interview books. She basically asked me five times “Tell me about yourself”. LOL. And that was it.

I am bad at talking AKA communicating. This is why job interviews are so tough for me. I can’t just come up with stuff. If I didn’t rehearse it, chances are I will not be coherent. I tried.  All is not lost. She asked me to email my job evaluation and I did so……..anything could happen. If I got that job I would have to work in an office with, like, people. Woah!!!!! That is different. But worth it….I think. If I want to have a career, I have to leave my current job so yeah, I’m willing. I’m thinking long term here.

Once again I would be shocked if I got this job. But I do believe in miracles. 😉  I kind of feel like I could have had this job IF I wasn’t 6 minutes late or if I just expressed myself better or IF I had letters of recommendation instead of an okay job evaluation. I could have started my career. Was this my only chance? 😦

And…..I may have missed a part-time job opp because I was in the shower. I’ve been waiting for her to call me for days and the one time I’m in the shower…. &$#%. Sigh. I called her back as soon as I got out of the bathroom. ::crickets:: I really need a PT job but at this point I think she may find me something quicker than I could find something so I’m sticking with the temp agency for now. I know PT (evening) jobs are harder for temp agencies to find than day jobs. Double sigh. I can’t believe she gave the job she was so excited to tell me about to someone else. I guess that person wasn’t in the shower.