Can’t feel anything, when will I learn

Snarky! There are a lot of snarky people out there apparently. She said that I just got lucky with the board exam and that no employer wants to hire someone who barely passed. A pass is a pass. It’s not like your GPA where people ask how did you do. The exam is tough, if you passed you freaking passed!

I did get lucky. I worked my ass off too. Both can be true. I acknowledge my luck all the time. In fact, I probably give too much credit to luck in most cases. If she knew me, she would know that. She would also know that I’m very hard on myself. Of course I thought I failed. I think everything that has to do with me is going to be a disaster.

But I also thought the board exam was easier than I thought it would be. I thought “Is this what people think is the hardest thing in the world?” I was prepared for all the questions to be tough but I found myself marking answers quickly. That is another reason I thought I failed. It’s a tough test. Most people don’t pass the first time and I’m saying “it wasn’t that hard”. ??? I thought I must have done it wrong.

She’s right. I don’t know all the concepts and nuances. That is why everyday I’m working on doing real life work (for free) to gain skills. I know what I need to work on. I didn’t say I was smart or knew everything from passing the test. I just told other people how I passed. I will continue to tell others how I passed. Too bad it isn’t good enough for her.

I knew I knew enough to pass the test but I knew luck had to play into it too. And it did. I got 70% right and that is exactly what I needed to PASS. That is why I said I needed a miracle to pass.

Try to make me feel like shit if you want. But I passed…and that is all that matters my dear. 😉

I’m off tomorrow and we are having a board exam passing celebration dinner at Red Lobster. Oh, I only got a 70. Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate? Please.


The interview at the temp agency went fine. That is why I kind of like temp agencies. Their questions aren’t too hard. I almost LOL when she said I was articulate. Was she joking or what? ROFL. I looked at her to see if she was joking but she wrote it down as one of my skills even though I never mentioned it. hahahaha.

They should be almost finished with the background check. The only bad thing I have on my record is a voluntary foreclosure. They would have to check my credit for that and I’m not sure they did. I’m only looking for part-time work. I told her I could work nights, evenings and weekends. If I don’t hear something by next week, I will think they passed on me.

When I told her I just passed the boards, she got excited and wanted another resume immediately. So I don’t know if she will wait for jobs in that field or will I get something like a data entry job? I took a typing test. I did great on data entry and I type 50 WPM which was shocking to me because I thought I only did 20 WPM on the test. 50 WPM is pretty good but not excellent.

At this point as long as it isn’t a receptionist or customer service job, I don’t care if it is in my field. I just need a part-time job.

Gotta go. I’m trying to cram as much as I can in while I have free time. Once I start working two jobs, free time is out the window. I hope I have time to at least study. But things like leisure reading and knitting might have to go.