OMG! Totes!

I passed the board exam!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG. Seriously. For real.

How annoying am I right now? heh. 🙂

I made exactly what I needed to pass. OMG. I do believe in miracles!

I celebrated by jumping up and down. I terrified my guinea pigs. Then I went back to mowing the lawn with Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen” on full blast.


Now I have to get CEUs (continuing education units) to maintain my certification.

And anything can happen…I have an interview at a temp agency tomorrow for part-time jobs. I’m nervous as fuck. Tomorrow? Why didn’t I try to get it on Wednesday so I could practice more? I was barely coherent when she called. It was embarrassing.

I’m worried she may try to get me customer service jobs because she mentioned that even though I applied for jobs in my industry. Oh no! That would not be good. I would probably try though……oh $%#@

Well I need to come down from all this excitement and work on job interview skills. The interview happens in 23 hours.