I drop kick impossible

My dog doesn’t want to eat  much of any kind of dog food. 😦 She sometimes go through phases so I hope this is a phase.

I need a part-time job NOW. I needed one yesterday. My money – wait, what money? – is  near gone.  I have $107.42 in my checking account. Thanks to vet bills and paying to take the boards. I have been working on my resume. I’m trying to not apply for jobs this week because I want to see how the board exam goes on Saturday. If I don’t pass, I will be applying for anything that doesn’t involve much talking. How many jobs does that leave? None? Oh. If it is out there, I will find it. Most of the jobs I’m interested in are full time or only offer day hours. If I do pass, uh I still might need a random part-time job. My field doesn’t do evening hours that often. They are work at home positions (yay!) but those are rare for newbies like myself.

I think I can resist the urge to apply for jobs until after Saturday. 😉

Saturday = DOOMSDAY  day I take the board exam. It  is almost 6 hours long (!!) and 150 questions. I would love to pass. Pleasepleaseplease. But I know I don’t know everything. Some of it still looks like a foreign language. I’m not going to say I don’t know enough. If we had more time than 3 minutes per question, I would feel more confident. I will find out if I pass within 3 or 4 days of taking the test. Here’s hoping…….

I took 3 practice exams, including one this morning. I made (in order) a 66, 76 and 70. Ugh. According to a wise person, I shouldn’t take the real exam until I make an 85 on a practice exam. Oh well. I need a 70 to pass the real exam.


Music for the week: Sia, Ed Sheeran, Lucy Hale, Mariah Carey, Robin Thicke,  Lauren Alainia, Ingrid Michaelson, Miranda Lambert

2014 continues to be a great year for music.

TV for the week: World Cup, Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother

Movie of the week: none

Books of the weekDie My Love by Kathryn Casey, Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams

Knitting projects of the week:  I didn’t spend a lot of time knitting this week. I  spent more time watching knitting videos and podcasts (while working) than actually knitting.  Here is my ribbed hat so far:




Lace scarf:


one  row lace scarf

one row lace scarf

I can do this pattern in my sleep now.  That is all I worked on this week. After the boards, I  want to start a sweater and shawl.