I guess we thought that’s just what humans do

JUST TO BE CLEAR: I think anyone who harms or kills their child should be punished. My point is that our society looks down on giving up kids for adoption. Giving a kid up for adoption (no matter the age) should be a viable option if a parent has reached the end of his or her rope for whatever reason. And no, this isn’t just about the ‘hot car death’. He may have had different motives like money.

Some news organizations are using the term child-free as if it is a bad thing. Perhaps they don’t know what it is. Being child-free is about making the choice to not have kids. It is not about killing your kids or abusing them once you already have them. I would sympathize with a person who told me that she/he had a kid and it wasn’t what they thought it would be. Haven’t we all made a bad choice before? Unfortunately sometimes that choice involves having a kid. I would tell that person to look into putting that kid up for adoption. It is the best thing for the parent and the child. (If it happens to be a white baby or toddler, the kid will be adopted in no time).

In our society giving away your child is probably one of the worst things you can do. I believe this is why so many people abuse and even murder their kids instead of putting them up for adoption. They know they will be judged harshly by their own family and random strangers. “Who doesn’t love their own kid”? etc. I wish people were more understanding. Not everyone is going to like being a parent. Yes it would be nice if everyone thought about whether they want kids before they had them. But then again…some people do think about it and they don’t know  parenting isn’t for them until it is too late. Also, in our society people are encouraged to have kids. If you don’t want them something must be wrong with you. (That is why child-free groups exist).

People need to stop pressuring people to have kids. Stop asking, “When am I going to have grandchildren”? (never!) Stop telling people they will change their mind or regret not having kids. Just because you want them, doesn’t mean everyone should have them. Stop telling people having a kid is the best thing you’ll ever do. ::eyeroll:: Maybe for you it is but some of us will pass. And that should be okay.

My two cents. Oh and I’ll link to this childfree article: Child-free by choice: How Cameron Diaz represents women like me I never thought I would relate to Cameron Diaz. This is off topic but I’ve always disliked her for some reason. I’ve never seen a movie she’s been in. #random

Turns out, she doesn’t want to be a mother at all. And, boom. That’s how Cameron Diaz became the patron saint of childless-by-choice women. Women like me. Women who don’t have children, don’t want to, and don’t see why that’s a problem for other people when it’s anything but a problem for us.


I went to the yard sale yesterday. My yarn stash before the yard sale:



Here is what I brought at the yard sale:

yard sale yarn

yard sale yarn

I paid $15 for about 15 balls of yarn. I felt bad because two guys were looking at the yarn before I got there. I think they wanted it all but they didn’t want to pay $1 for each ball. Then I came along…I hope I didn’t mess everything up. I hope they didn’t drive a long way. Oh well. This is my last yard sale for a while.


Music for the week: Ed Sheeran, Lucy Hale,  Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke,  Natalie Merchant, Heather Nova, Ellie Goulding, Miranda Lambert

TV for the week: World Cup, PLL, Big Brother, OITNB

Movie of the week: none

Books of the weekDie My Love by Kathryn Casey (true crime)

Knitting projects of the week: I had a knitting meltdown this week. :/ My purple lace scarf didn’t work out. I was 70% done!! Why do I get so far…….? AAH! It is very discouraging to make a mistake after getting so far.  But I didn’t give up, I started my lace scarf again:

lace scarf

lace scarf

It is made from baby yarn. I hope the colors don’t scream BABY. I’m going for “spring”. I love baby yarn because it is so soft but the colors…ick!

Here is my ribbed hat (sorry for the blurriness) :



I have a long way to go. I absolutely love this yarn. I also want a sweater and gloves with it.