money, this, that, the other


Will hurricane Arthur ruin my weekend plans? No cookouts or fireworks planned. I want to go to another yard sale. It starts at 7:30 (why so early?) on the 4th of July. I’m  waking up at the crack of dawn, working for a couple of  hours, going to the yard sale and then working for a couple more hours.  I know I need to stop searching for yarn at yard sales but this is the cheapest way to get it. I don’t even know if I can afford yard sale yarn. If I had a budget, I would know. But that’s too scary. After this no more yard sales and I will only buy new yarn for special projects that require multiple skeins of yarn. (like my sweater I plan to start later this summer).

With the yarn I brought last weekend, I also got a lovely red crocheted shawl. I’m wearing it right now. It is nice and warm. She didn’t completely finish it so I had to knit some of it. I would love to make shawls like this. One day.

I’ve been backing up my hard drive on the cloud. I haven’t done a backup in about 2 years. I’m mainly concerned with my 33 GBs of music. If I lose that, I die. It is taking forever. I have only uploaded 5 gigs so far. I know there must be a quicker way.

I took my dog to the vet on Tuesday for vaccines.  It went fine. The vet thinks she should be doing better but she is doing better. She just isn’t her old self.

******BREAKING NEWS******

I can’t believe I did it. That is the theme of my life. I’m amazed at my life decisions in a bad way. Anyway, I signed up for a 160 hour (!!) TESOL online course! LOL. I thought I was done with school. Why? Why? Why? Btw, TESOL is Teaching English to speakers of other languages. I see you laughing at me. haha. 😉

It was “only” $69 with a Groupon. I had to. I couldn’t resist. Two weeks ago I listened to a podcast on traveling abroad and teaching English and then THIS. A sign from the universe? Probably not. $69 isn’t bad for a TESOL certificate. Obviously I’m not starting the course now since I have the boards in mid-July. I have a year to complete the TESOL course. If I ever start it, I will complete it. It depends on when and if I pass my board exam.

I can’t think about it too much right now. Too much going on. I’m not telling anyone about this for now./end breaking news

Work: Monday and Tuesday were blissful. It seemed like all I needed was some time off. Then Wednesday and Thursday happened. I feel like my days are numbered. With hardly any savings and debt, this is bad. But maybe next week will run smoothly. I don’t know.

The last work gathering was cancelled, this one won’t be and I RSVP’d. I’m not going to another social work event for the duration of 2014. This is a party for someone. It will be held at a very popular national chain restaurant. I’ve never been there. Nervous!

I will be back later this week…gotta study now. :/