How I taught myself how to knit

I was planning this long worded post but I’ve decided to keep it short and simple. First a little background: I started knitting in April of 2014.  No one in my family knits. I don’t have friends who knit. So if I was going to learn, I had to teach myself. I’ve always been interested in knitting. I tried learning from books more than a  decade ago and I couldn’t get it. I just thought knitting was too hard to learn. After all, I could crochet a little so maybe knitting wasn’t meant for me. Then one day a coworker mentioned learning to knit on YouTube and something clicked. (In hindsight, that seems so obvious!)

Knitting books don’t work for me. I have to see every step. If you are like me, here are the videos I found most helpful:

Start with  GoodKnitKisses‘ videos. Here is  learning to cast on:

You can learn the long tail cast on later. (I just learned less than a month ago by watching various videos/DVDs). Watch all of her videos on knitting and you are ready to knit! The only problem I have with her videos is that she doesn’t teach you how to hold the yarn and since I learned from her, I’m still having trouble with holding the yarn. Other than that, she is an awesome teacher for beginners.

The second thing I did was head over to Craftsy. (aff. link) I have watched 6 classes and the only one I can recommend to newbies is Knit Lab with Stephanie Japel. If you want to learn more, sign up for that class. It is worth every penny. You will learn so much.

DVDs I found helpful (in order)


Where do I begin with books? There are sooo many! I have read/browsed about 30 books in two months. Like I previously stated NONE of these books taught me how to knit but there is helpful information about yarn, gauge, how to fix mistakes etc. in these books. The best thing to do is to search for knitting books on Amazon and read the reviews. But here are a few books I have found helpful (in no particular order):

I linked to the paperback versions but if you aren’t trying to learn HOW to knit from these books, the Kindle version is just fine.

My other advice is to stick with acrylic yarn if you are just starting. What if you don’t like knitting and you waste all your money on “good” yarn? I guess you could always sell the yarn or return it to the store. That’s just my two cents. Practice on acrylic.

I will probably add to this post as I learn more. I would like to do a “How I taught myself circular knitting” post but I’m not there yet. I can barely do it.

Here are some more helpful videos from YouTube:

Long Tail Cast On For Beginners

The Backward Loop Cast on

I hope you found something in this post helpful. This is how I learned how to knit.