One less problem

(Knitting stuff at the end of this post).

I did it!!!! I am officially scheduled to take the boards. How scary! I’m taking it on July 19. I’m sooo not ready but I don’t think I will be anytime soon. The test is 6 hours long. Most people don’t pass on their first try. Most people don’t even finish the test in 6 hours. I’m definitely not suffering from overconfidence.

I needed to schedule the test to light a fire under my ass. Scheduling the test without taking a practice exam is a big no-no but I did it anyway. I may take my first practice test this weekend. I’m supposed to get 85% correct before I take the real exam. haha. I hope I at least get a 70.


I finally got my Big Buddha bag! Look at her. Isn’t she gorgeous? (Links in my birthday post). It is much smaller than I thought it was going to be but I like.

better looking in person

better looking in person



Music for the week:  Ellie Goulding, Mariah Carey, Sarah McLachlan, Lykke Li, Ingrid Michaelson, Natalie Merchant, Edwin McCain, Ariana Grande

It is only midway through 2014 and I’m really impressed with the music that has come out this year. Last year only a few albums stood out (Jillette Johnson, John Legend, Justin Timberlake…I like Js).

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Switched at Birth

Movie of the week: I will probably watch Frozen tomorrow.

Books of the week: knitting books

Knitting projects of the week: My obsession is still going strong. I finished my lacy scarf…and I completely fucked it up. It is my first real finished project. Here it is:

scarf I will never wear

scarf I will never wear

Btw, that hole is supposed to be a button hole. This is two pieces seamed together. I suck at combining two pieces together. In fact, it makes me not want to make another one until I get the seaming thing down. I also have to learn how to weave in the ends better.  Another thing: I didn’t realize how much knitting involves sewing. I don’t sew. (shocking!) For now I will stick to one piece items. Anyhow, I hid most of ugliness in this pic. People say to keep your first pieces because you’ll laugh later…Well I hope so! (I got this pattern from Craftsy more on this later….)

Right now all I have on the needles is a scarf. Sad but true. I’m practicing purling so I decided to do a stockinette stitch scarf:

I plan to wear this scarf

I plan to wear this scarf

I ordered a bunch of double pointed needles from Ebay. I can’t wait to get them so I can start on a hat. Until then I may try either baby booties or a shrug. I have the yarn for both. I just need to feel comfortable with the patterns.


Off to study for the boards and watch basketball.