Next stop, Vegas Please

I know I said I wouldn’t mention Vegas before officially booking it but…I did manage to get a whole week off in October so if I go, I’m going then. I found one inexpensive thing to do (dolphins) while there. And I’m getting free VIP tickets to a show and as long as I get to pick what type of show, I’m interested. I want to see a music act. I’ve seen Shania Twain in concert before but I would love to see her in Vegas! She happens to be playing the week I’m going.

The rest of this is knitting geekery. Full on geek mode. Only (beginning?) knitters would find this remotely interesting.

Thank Buddha for libraries.

knitting books

knitting books

(This doesn’t include the three knitting books I have on my Kindle). The library had quite a few knitting books but I only checked out the ones with good reviews on Amazon. I really just wanted books for newbies. I’m not even done with Knitting in Plain English: The Only Book a Knitter Will Ever Need but I would recommend a person purchase that book before going to a craft/yarn store. It is full of great material.

I may end up buying one of these books but for now, I’m just test driving. Anyhow, yes I got the knitting bug….at the wrong time!! I feel guilty because I should be studying for the boards. I AM studying for the boards but right now I am spending more time on knitting.

I don’t know where this knitting thing is going. I love the garter stitch. LOL – who doesn’t??
People say knitting is meditative and so far the only time I find myself meditating is when I’m doing the garter stitch.

So far I know how to do the knit stitch, purl stitch, cast on and bind off. I just started doing decreases. That wasn’t too bad but I messed up on increases with the scarf I am working on. 😦 All that time…I’m just going to keep going. I hate purling, btw.

I’m overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. I want to make thick shawls, cardigans, socks and handbags. ha. Who knew socks were hard to knit? I had no idea until I started researching everything.

I joined Raverly (THE internet knitting place). I even started printing out patterns of things I’m working on. I’m saving my yarn labels. I have a “project bag”. I just started a knitting board on Pinterest.

This entry is a mess. Knitting is overwhelming…but so far, worth it.