I’ve got two hands and one beating heart

Oh fuck. What did I just do? I’m going to Las Vegas. That should be a good thing…but I can’t afford Las Vegas!!! Maybe I will get to do overtime to make up the money if I’m lucky. $#%^ I could kick myself for falling for it. Have I ever really wanted to go to Vegas? NO. I do like to travel and I have never been to the west coast. It’s not that I hate Vegas, I could just think of a million places I would rather go to.

I foolishly put it on my credit card. $234 dollars for 4 nights. That’s an awesome deal. I have a sick dog and so much uncertainty. Have I mentioned that I have to take and pay for the boards? *&#$ me. What about airfare? If I go by myself (and right now that is a strong possibility), I might consider taking a bus. But that’s almost THREE DAYS of travel…on a freaking bus. I almost died going to NYC on a bus. (sarcasm).

Oh, but there is good news for today. Great news actually. I passed my finals and therefore I have passed my classes! YAY. The final was sooooooooooooooo hard. I thought I was going to fail. I was a wreck.

I’m off today and tomorrow. If it weren’t for the Vegas thing, I would be planning out my summer. I really, really, really want to focus on knitting. That is a skill I could use to make stuff for profit or just myself. And of course I need to focus on taking the boards. I’m way less excited about that. But this is the plan. Devote time to knitting and the boards each day. Things like reading books may fall to the wayside.

Oh well. I’m scattered right now. I can’t believe I did the Vegas thing. Now I have to book it. I’m off the last week in June. I would love to go then but I have a feeling they may not have vacancies and then I will have to go in September/October.

OMG. WTF. #Vegas

Despite all this drama, I’m going to write out my plans for the spring/summer. knit, study, knit, study, knit, study, Vegas?