Let’s not make it harder than it has to be


I have my way of showing kindness. The problem is that 90% of people don’t accept my way of kindness. Some even see it as rudeness. I have learned this over the years of being in offices. When I’m being quiet, I’m respecting you. I’m not bothering you. Isn’t that nice? What I have come to realize is that most people don’t have PTSD so noise doesn’t bother them. I learned that painfully slow.  Hey, I thought I was being respectful. Excuse me.

Knowing that isn’t going to change my behavior much but at least I know now. I do think that a lot of people appreciate not being bothered though (especially while working!). FWIW.

Just a random realization I wanted to mention instead of just jumping into pictures.

My office when it is nice outside:

window open - yes!
window open – yes!

Oh the mess??? I need all that paper everyday. I want to hang it up somewhere so I can just glance at it but it is too much. I don’t know. I’m used to using binders for all my papers. Anyhow I usually have the window open a little more but it was “only” 60 degrees this morning. Now I wish I had my curtain ties but of course I thought I would never use them so I probably threw them away. I only leave the window open 1 hour a day  – right before lunch. I would feel naked with it open all day even though that would be nice.

Can you spot my Buddha in the picture? Okay hint: It is on the top shelf of the desk (and kind of hard to see clearly).

More knitting photos:

swatches baby

I would say I have become proficient at knitting random rectangles AKA swatches. But nah. I still have to practice more before I move on to a scarf or whatever. I don’t wear knitted scarves so I sort of don’t see the point but that is probably going to be my first project. That neon pink yarn was a bitch to knit with. But it is so nice and soft. So I don’t know what is next…I feel like I shouldn’t really be getting into knitting when I have a board exam to study for. Knitting is hardcore. 😉


Music for the week: Ingrid Michaelson, Ellie Goulding, KT Tunstall, Augustana, Lea Michele, Danielle Bradbury, Deana Carter, Christina Perri,

So much great new music. The new Augustana…OMG.

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Desperate Housewives

I’m so excited for the Washington Wizards!! #DCrising #NBAplayoffs #HouseofGuards #hashtag

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week:  Knitting for DummiesHidden by Catherine McKenzie, Die My Love by Kathryn Casey,

So far I’m learning a lot from Knitting for Dummies. I would definitely recommend it to beginners. One thing I learned is that it is better to start with wool yarn. I’m using acrylic. If it isn’t too expensive, I will buy some wool yarn.