IKEA = home


We spent most of our time at IKEA. We barely spent any time inside the mall. Here is what I got from there:

lucky bamboo
lucky bamboo

plant & vase from IKEA. brought separately.


That’s it! I know your mind is blown. Oh, I did buy my sister a birthday gift from IKEA…but yeah that is all. I didn’t buy anything from the mall. I saw one thing I really wanted: a pair of yoga pants from Bebe. They were $64 with an additional 40% off. Even that is out of my (current) price range. But now I wish I had them. I still can’t justify the price. They were gorgeous and so soft!

I had to take one pic of my favorite part of IKEA – the displays:

not my office
not my office

It was a nice trip to Northern VA but I never want to do it that way again. The traffic was horrible. Next time I have to stay overnight. I’ve driven to DC with no problems and Potomac Mills with no problems in the past. So…maybe it is new roadwork? I dunno but the drive sucked. That is my only complaint. One more good thing: The restaurant in IKEA is pretty good and the prices rocked. I had meatballs and potatoes. I love meatballs. 🙂

I cannot wait for my solo hotel getaway. It is this Saturday-Sunday. I want to go now!! *whines* 😉

Today is a nice day. Sunny and 70 degrees. I just got back in from outside. I got a bunch of homework done in an hour. I need to work that fast inside the house. I know I have said this many times but I love being outside. I love nature. I love warm weather!


Music for the week: India.Arie, Lea Michele, Christina Perri, Eric Hutchinson, Shakira, Sara Evans, Joan Osborne, Jonatha Brooke

Why did I ever stop listening to Eric Hutchinson?! Big mistake.

TV for the week: basketball, Desperate Housewives

Movie of the week:  I might watch 12 Years a Slave or I might save it for next week.

I typed the same thing last week. Ha! I will watch it eventually.

Books of the week:  Hidden by Catherine McKenzie, Die My Love by Kathryn Casey, Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything by Iyanla Vanzant

I didn’t know Iyanla had a new book out until I saw it on the library site. I have it for two weeks. Better get started.