should be hopeless but we’re happy

Work is a stress fest but it is getting a little better. School is going okay. School ends in less than a month! I still have a lot of test prep to do for my boards though. I am so not ready to take the boards on June 28 but I still plan on taking it then.

I have two things to look forward to! Shocking!!!11!! On Friday I’m going to Potomac Mills. NO WORK. YAYAYAY! I’m going with my mom. We will be there for about 4-5 hours then coming back. But I’m way more excited for my solo getaway. It happens to land on Easter weekend. I hope that isn’t a bad thing as far as places being crowded. (uh-oh!) I had to book and use my free hotel by April 26.

I’m staying in a 4 star hotel. Hilton Hotel and Spa. 🙂 I’m so excited. It is only for one night. It looks gorgeous. I just hope it is quiet. That is all I want. Oh…I would also love to use the pool since I haven’t been in one in months but I am not counting on it being empty (or warm). In fact, the first thing I will do is check the pool to see if I can use it solo.

Total yayness! 😉

I have been knitting a little. Look at what I did:


WTF is this?

(The yarn is actually blue and gray, not at all tourquoise…) I know it is nothing but I have never gotten that far with crochet. I would love to be able to make big hobo handbags like the one I spent a bunch on in Mexico. But I think I’m very far off. LOL. Yeah I know it is bad but not too shabby for a beginner. Maybe my guinea pigs could use it as a blanket?? (joking)

Oh well. I just got off from work. I’m tired. I’m going to take a nap. Then I’ll do schoolwork and maybe a little knitting.