Can I get a refill?

Ranting time.

::erased rant:: because I’m over it.


Found on the internets 🙂

9 Things Not to Say to Someone with Mental Illness

This is a little old but I just read it. My faves:

3. “Change your attitude.”

While a change in perspective can be helpful, it doesn’t cure conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD or schizophrenia, said Howes. And changing one’s attitude isn’t so easy either. “It’s incredibly difficult for a high-functioning person to change their attitude, let alone someone debilitated by an exhausting mental illness.”

4. “Stop focusing on the bad stuff, and just start living.”

According to Barth, “one of the most common mistakes is to tell a person to stop focusing on themselves, or on the bad things, or on the past, and just start living.” Why is this so problematic? It can make a person feel even worse about themselves. “[T]hey figure the fact that they can’t do it is, in their mind, just one more sign of their failure.”


“I am Still Called by the God I Serve to Walk This Out”

Interview with Jordan Davis’ mom. This is a great and very sad read.


Ten Quotes to Celebrate Audre Lorde’s Birthday

Looking for great quotes? Click the link above.


Just Say No to College! Why it’s the Worst Decision a Young American can Make

I started dreaming of going to college when I was 8 years old. NOTHING was going to stop me. There were naysayers all around. After all, I was the first one of my extended family to graduate from a university. Even though I was depressed the whole time, I still enjoyed it. I didn’t go to find a job. I went for the experience. It was better than working full-time, as soon as I got out of high school. (I worked part-time).

However, I do agree that the debt often isn’t worth it. But if you go to a low cost school like I did (because I couldn’t afford another option) AND college is your dream then GO. Don’t go to the most expensive school unless you have a free ride (parents paying or scholarship).

Also, go to community college for two years first. (I did that on scholarship!) Then go to a 4 year university.


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