I’m not in the swing of things

I’m mostly hibernating, working, doing school work and studying for the boards. That makes it hard to find things to blog about. I will blog about the board exam once I pass. Since I can’t blog about my current life, I thought I would do a “Found on the net” entry. I may do it once a week if I can find enough. Here is entry #1:

Ellen Page comes out. Most people have already seen this.If you haven’t this is a MUST WATCH.   Moving.


It seems that the book All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood by Jennifer Senior (on my to read list) has brought on a slew of articles. From parents to the childfree. Here are the two I found most interesting:

9 Reasons Not Having Kids is the Best Decision I Ever Made

I don’t need nine reasons to justify not having kids.  Although a few of her reasons are my reasons too. One of the things  she said that resonated with me is how the childfree probably take parenting too seriously. I agree. When I mention that I can’t afford to have kids, people look at me like I’ve grown a second head. But it’s the truth!…not that I would have kids even if I were comfortably middle class.

Parental Pity Party

This one is from a parent. He seems to think  the childfree have chosen the easy road. Way to pat yourself on the back. Anyhow, he is mostly talking about affluent people (parents and non-parents). Talk about “having it all”: affluent and childfree??! Where can I sign up? I only have one of those things down.  Oh, let me back up. I know “having it all” is a stupid saying. I know the blogger I follow with 6 kids and one on the way (!), would not agree that being childfree is “having it all”. People are different. People want different things out of life. Trust me even though it is obvious, I HAVE TO SAY THIS.

I know these articles irk some people by the comments they get but I find different perspectives interesting. Sometimes I feel like people with children want to throw the childfree and their articles off the roof. I’m not joking. Read the comments. Well to be fair, I must add that childfree people are sick of hearing about parenting and how much they sacrifice.  So it’s even, I guess.


The Empowerment Elite Claims Feminism

I read this article because I’m a fan of the author (Jessica Valenti). Worth reading if you are interested in feminism.


Girl crush time:

I just saw Mary Lambert’s video for “She Keeps Me Warm”. I’m in love with her. Not only can she sing, she is smoking hot. 😉 Love. Love. Love.

mary lambert

mary lambert



Only 5 things found? Maybe I can do better or maybe this will be my last post like this.  I have to get back to studying. That’s my life.

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