I can’t change…even if I tried



I survived this storm. No power outage. The water only shut off for 12 hours. I think we got about 5 inches. My old college town got 14 inches!! wow. No more snow! Thanks 🙂


Music for the week:  Nicole Atkins, A Great Big World,  Jennifer Nettles, Brandy Clark, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Imagine Dragons, Amy Ray

TV for the week: basketball, House of Cards, curling @ the Olympics

People make fun of curling but it is a lot like chess. I hate slow sports like baseball and sometimes curling tests my patience but I still enjoy watching it.

Movie of the week: Blue Jasmine – Where do I begin? Why am I watching a Woody Allen movie? good question. I’m a hypocrite. I refuse to listen to R.Kelly’s music but I did watch a Woody film. Never again. This is the last time. R.Kelly was one of the first people I ever saw in concert. I was a huge fan. To give his music up was hard at first. Now I can’t stand him. I will no longer support Woody Allen movies either.

Oh, the movie was good, not great. I’ve been where Jasmine was. In fact I haven’t left. 😉

Book of the week: The Diet Trap: Feed Your Psychological Needs and End the Weight Loss Struggle Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Jason Lillis

I have a few books I’m excited to start reading.

Goals for next week: Study for my mid-term.


I’m finally  on Skype. #late. I just joined because my teacher is on there. But I haven’t chatted with her or anyone. I probably never will use it. I’m scared my family will find out I’m on there (through my email address). LOL.

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