I just don’t love anymore

My pipe(s) burst! I had to take 1mg of klonopin to calm my nerves enough to call my landlord. The good news is that my pipe is now fixed. HOWEVER, if this happens again I am in deep shit. I can’t call him again. Sigh. I have to note that the phone call didn’t go bad. I typed out what I was going to say and then I read it to him. I added some “ummms” so it wouldn’t seem like I was reading.

Before all this happened, he sent all his tenants a letter stating that we are responsible for our pipes during the cold weather. I think I got away with it this time because he didn’t know for sure that the cold weather (polar vortex) caused it because I just called him yesterday…because that is when I saw all the water in the back yard.

Please no more cold weather. This house is very cold in the winter. My electric bill was $200 last month!!! I don’t make that kind of money! I’m paying my bills with my savings (and 401K).

Of course I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it won’t happen again. I thought I was doing a good job but now that I’ve read more about it I see I should be more careful even when it isn’t that cold at night.


School is kicking my ass. I’m taking my two final classes. In May, I’ll get my certificate.  The problem is that I’m studying for the boards and trying to do schoolwork at the same time. Not working. OVERWHELM. I really shouldn’t be taking the boards in June and September because I’m not ready but it is better for me to take it before October. June is just a practice run. September is when all the pressure is on.


What I’ve heard happens to other people, happened to me:

No kids? You have to have kids! Who is going to take care of you when you get older?

ROFL. That thinking is so old fashioned to me. But yes people still think that way. YOU MUST HAVE KIDS. Please stop with the getting old thing.

1.) Even if I had kids, I wouldn’t want to be a burden to them.

2.) No people with children can ever call the childfree selfish if one of the reasons they have kids is so they can have someone take care of them.

3.) Having kids is no guarantee you will have someone to take care of you. They could be busy with their own lives, or in jail, or not interested, or can’t afford to etc.

People. Sigh.

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