Feeling like a fool for trying

I was hoping to have more than just clothes pics for this entry. Maybe pics of a clean house?

I’m so disappointed. (Story of my life). The cleaning service wouldn’t clean my house. I said the main things I wanted clean were the bathroom and the kitchen. Well my counters in the kitchen weren’t CLEAN enough for them to um, clean. Ha. Oh well. Thanks for nothing. Too bad I already paid for it. Should I just write it off as a loss? I’m supposed to clean before they clean? WHAT? I have used maid services 3 times in my life and I have never had a problem.

The funny thing is, I did clean everything first. Clearly it wasn’t up to their standards. 😦 Anyway, I would have rather them clean what they could (the bathroom etc) then to just do nothing. ARGH! I’m glad I wasn’t there when they came. I would have died or cried while she told me they wouldn’t clean it. Actually I would have just asked them to clean the rest of the house. FORGET THE KITCHEN! They don’t understand. Anything is better than nothing.

So I don’t know what to do. I guess I will do my best (which isn’t good enough) and try to clean it on my own.  I don’t even have a working vacuum. The new one my mom gave me won’t pick up. If they call me back about rescheduling again I will say I haven’t had time to clean yet. Money wasted.


Thrifting time! I brought these clothes about a month ago. I want to say I didn’t pay more than $3.99 for each blouse.



love this sweater



Love this blouse

Love this blouse


always buy something blue

I always buy something blue

my fave

my fave


worn this a ton

worn this a ton

This is why I can’t’ just justify buying new clothes. Most of my favorite clothes are from thrift stores. I don’t need anymore clothes!!!! I would like to visit a vintage store or a consignment shop one day though. Maybe just window shop?


Culinary school is dead. I did find another program that might work…but I read things like this: (Should I go to culinary school?) and I know the environment isn’t for me. It looks like I will be going back to school to finish what I started 4 years ago – ha. The plan is to go back this winter/spring. More on this later.

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