Should make me admit I’m broken

OMG. Wowowowoowowowow! A person I went to high school with is now an executive producer at MSNBC! **Dies** (When nothing is on -90% of the time- I have my TV on MSNBC). Anyways she is an awesome person. I’m so happy for her. She just started last month! How cool is that?

I knew she would do big things. She is so smart. During senior year we were in AP English together. Also during that same year she stood up and applauded for me during an event when no one else would. I was an outcast. I’m getting teary eyed thinking about how great she is. We were never friends but she was ALWAYS nice to me.

I cannot overstate how thrilled I am for her. 🙂 🙂 Love her. Freaking Awesome!


Perhaps I have traveled to new lows? Is that possible? I just started watching Big Brother Australia 2013. I’m on episode 4. It started at the end of July so I’m late. Anyhow the show is interesting so far. It is very different than the American version. There are no alliances or strategy talks. It is a show I can watch when I’m working because I don’t really have to pay attention to the details. Anything that can help past time while I’m at work…

Big Brother seems so much bigger in other countries. In the U.S., the show has a cult like following. That is fine with me as long as CBS keeps bringing it back every summer.

By the way, I am missing football so bad. There’s a void. But the NBA season is starting in about 20 days.

I’ll sign off now before I get into family shit.

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