we crave a different kind of buzz

I am no longer Avon’s bitch! I’m officially done with selling Avon and it feels so good. I have one last delivery tomorrow.

I have a house cleaning service coming out the week after next. 🙂  I just wish they could come sooner.  It is a one time thing. I got a semi-deal from Living Social. I have used maid services about 3 times over the past decade. I am always pleased with the results. And it tends to last for a while. Once they clean, I do try my best to keep it that way.

I am a little nervous about being at home (working) while they are here. I have never been at home before. I don’t know what time they are coming. I just know that I will be home after 10:30AM.


The following is what alienates people from reading my blog but I’m going to post it anyway. (to skip my rant, scroll down to next topic “Weekly”)

This whole government shutdown is exactly what I was talking about in my past entry about poor Americans being invisible. Watch any news channel (Fox, MSNBC, CNN) and on Day One of the shut down the majority of the talk was about national parks and monuments being closed. SERIOUSLY? I’m sorry you traveled all the way from China and now you are stuck in DC with nothing to do. Woe is you.

The government shutdown is affecting veterans, poor people, federal workers, and kids in Head Start*. I could go on. Some of these groups overlap, obviously. And people are talking about freaking monuments? This could not illustrate my point more. HELLO? Is it ignorance or do people just not care? If it is ignorance it shows that poor people are truly invisible. There is a huge gap and it isn’t just about rich people. Middle class people are the majority so it is mostly them. People don’t believe poor people exist in this country. And if people don’t care…..wow. That’s all I have to say.

*Hopefully the shutdown won’t last long enough to defund all of those programs.



Music for the week:  Maria Mena,  John Mayer,  John Legend, Justin Timberlake,   Keith Urban, Stacie Orrico, Ariana Grande, Lorde, meditative music

TV for the week: Breaking Bad (I somehow managed to not read/hear any Breaking Bad spoilers. It was a little hard with Twitter). News, The Daily Show, Colbert Report

Movies of the week: none

Book of the week: How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukup

Goals for next week: Keep updating my John Mayer blog. The design is LAME. The content isn’t great but I’ve just started working on it again. So much work to be done….

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