I’m a bad girl, I must admit it

I’m confused. Is it just heartburn or chest pain? I don’t know what heartburn feels like and the internet is of no help. “Burning feeling”?  Nah, it just feels like a sharp tingling in the chest. I used to have these chest pains ALL THE TIME  as in daily about a decade ago. Then it stopped. As soon as I go wheat free, the chest pains start back up again. (No I don’t really think there is a correlation but it is um, interesting). It doesn’t last that long. I don’t know how to describe it better. A sharp pain is a decent description. When it happens, I can’t do anything but wait it out. It hurts to breathe. It is kind of scary.

I think I will treat it as if it were heartburn and see how that works. I know if I go to my PCP, she will say heartburn and put me on some medication for that so I’m not planning on going to the doctor as of now. I’m just going to not nap after I eat and see if that helps. (Being in a reclining position doesn’t help heartburn). I love my naps!

I think it is probably related to an ulcer or maybe heart disease. Not heartburn. But that is just a guess.

A lot of people have these marvelous feelings after going wheat free…even after only a week! My jeans feel a little bit looser. And that is about it. Well on some days I do feel less hungry. (Wheat makes people want to eat more).  I haven’t noticed higher energy levels. My skin is still breaking out (as it has since puberty). I went wheat free and all I got was chest pains!  Whatevs. In October I’m getting things like my blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels checked for free. I hope to see good results.

I haven’t had chest pains in 48 hours. Go me??

I have cooked a little more. I feel lame for admitting this but I cooked quesadillas for the first time yesterday. Why have I never done this before? What is easier than making a quesadilla?  Unfortunately I like wheat tortillas better than corn tortillas. I can’t have the wheat ones anymore. Woe is me. 😦  I probably need to cut back on the amount of cheese I’m consuming being that I’m lactose intolerant and all. Ya think? But I brought a bunch of cheese for another recipe I have decided not to make so I have a lot of cheese which means: lots of quesadillas.


I think I figured out the weird “neighbor” incident. He blames me for my real neighbor not being able to sell his house!  I wish I hadn’t told him anything. I told him I was only renting. I also told him I worked at home and he did not believe me. So much for all the online articles that say, “Working at home is more common than ever!” because no one freaking believes that I actually work at home. Anyway, fuck. I would feel bad if I hurt a chance for him to sell his house.

I just don’t like being blamed for EVERYTHING. There is a term for this…I can’t remember it right now. In the office, I was always blamed for stuff that was no one’s fault because I’m was not part of the group. The black sheep gets a lot of flack even when they have done nothing wrong. I blame groupthink too.


I feel like I just ‘blogged’ about absolutely nothing but this about my life so……

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