I can’t go back to the way it was

Sign that I’m not old: I liked Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.*

Sign that I am old: I didn’t watch the whole award show. I even fell asleep before it went off. And I haven’t tried to see what I missed.

*I know about the racial issues of the performance and all I have to say is that she is a 20 year old white chick. 20 years old is about 15 for someone in show business. I can assure you Miley is clueless! No, that doesn’t make it okay…but I can can give Miley a break. I wonder if she even knows about the racial controversy? I’m guessing the answer is no…not yet.  Soon a journalist will mention it to her and she’ll get defensive.

(And no I’m not some Miley Cyrus fan. I never watched her show on Disney. I don’t know most of her music. I will admit I LOVE her song “We can’t stop”. I can’t even imagine Rihanna singing it after hearing Cyrus sing it….tangent?)

I remember when the VMAs were everything to me. It used to come on in September then (before 9/11). The good old days. Okay, I’m old.


Me: I’m going to stop eating wheat.

D: What? I thought they said that was healthy!

Sigh. Exactly. I wish I could talk her into going wheat free with me, just because it’s healthy but I won’t even try. Not eating wheat for most people is a huge change in their diets.

I lost about 1.5 pounds without exercising 🙂 (I skipped the gym last week). I now weigh 134. I was so sure I had gained weight. I would like to think this is because I’ve gone wheat free. I do believe that eating right is probably the key to losing weight…not exercising. But I will continue to exercise because it has other benefits. I just got back from another double gym class session. I’m not doing Body Step anymore. I’m done. Recently I’ve been questioning doing Body Pump (weightlifting). My biceps and triceps are so weak. I just feel like I’m struggling through the class and not getting the benefits.

I don’t know.

I have to admit that this whole thing is a little stressful. Does coleslaw from the deli have wheat in it? There isn’t a definite answer, of course. People say instant coffee has wheat but when I read the ingredients I see nothing wheat related. UGH. I’m just a little confused.  Then there are things that are gluten free but NOT wheat free. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Some labels have “contains wheat”. I wish every label would have that. It would make shopping so much easier.

I’m not giving up but I’m frustrated. I’m worried that some of the things I’m eating do have wheat.  I’ll get it…one day. I’m trying. And I’m still concerned about the cost of this. Eating healthy is more expensive than not eating healthy.


The wheat/gluten free cereal I mentioned in my last post is pretty good. I mean it is cereal, it is good for cereal. I’m going to try the infamous Chex gluten free cereal next. I have never tried Chex so I’m not sure I would even like the regular kind.


I’m going to volunteer at the animal shelter tomorrow. NERVOUS. This will be my first time. The place will be open to the public. Who knows how many people will be there? I can’t think too much about it. I will walk two dogs and get out. 15 minutes a dog. Baby steps.

File under random: I’m addicted to the Monopoly Millionaire app. I didn’t think I would like it because when it comes to Monopoly I am a traditionalist but this game is pretty cool (and quick to play). I freaking love Monopoly.

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